Renewal of Board Certification in Special Education (BCSE)

To Download the BCSE Renewal Form - Click Here

The American Academy of Special Education Professionals (AASEP) requires that all professionals attaining Board Certification in Special Education (BCSE) renew their certification on an annual basis. BCSE renewal provides assurance that special education professionals remain up-to-date in the field.
The following are other important reasons why renewal of the BCSE is essential.

  • It makes certain that special education professionals maintain their knowledge by both increasing their competence and meeting professional standards.
  • It is a critical component of professional development.
  • It ensures maintenance of continuing education.
  • It helps professionals remain current in the field.
  • It keeps professionals aware of recent development in research, theory and practice.
  • It indicates adherence to the expected levels of standards of professional growth.
  • It shows that a professional is up to date and at the leading edge of developments in the profession.

Renewal of the BCSE exemplifies a dedication to career long learning. The principle of lifelong learning is central to maintenance of competence and, by extension, to ensuring the public can expect high professional standards from special education professionals.

Upon receipt of your renewal, you will be sent a new BCSE certificate for the coming year. You will also be sent a code to take a professional development course. The course is yours to take at your leisure, as no examination or monitoring of it will occur.

To Download the BCSE Renewal Form - Click Here