Week in Review - October 13, 2023

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October 13, 2023   |  Vol 19 Issue #41

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Welcome to NASET's WEEK in REVIEW. Here, we provide you with the latest publications from NASET to read and or download, as well as some of the most interesting articles that have happened this week in the field of special education. We hope you enjoy this publication.

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NASET’s Autism Spectrum Disorder Series

Exploring the Use of Token Economies for Students on the Autism Spectrum: A Brief Review of the Literature

This issue of NASET’s Autism Spectrum Disorder series was written by Zachary Carter-Best. Token economies are a commonly used behavioral intervention in self-contained classrooms for students with autism spectrum disorder. While instructors may be familiar with implementing a token economy, many may not understand some of the nuances presented in this research. Token economies are shown to increase rates of attending, on-task behavior, and rates of responding, while decreasing challenging behaviors. One study, however, did show no significant difference in responding for token economies as compared to primary reinforcement, but this study does not consider the effect this will have on rates of reinforcer satiation. Future researchers should investigate how different levels of student interest in the token economy will affect long-term rates of responding and attending, as well as rates of satiation for preferred reinforcers in token conditions compared to primary reinforcement conditions.

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Top Stories of the Week

Secondary Students Continue to Benefit from Earlier Literacy Tools

Boosting the Early Childhood Workforce to Boost the Economy

Budget Deal Averts Education Funding Nightmare

Dyslexia Screenings Should Mind Students’ Linguistic Backgrounds

With More Teachers & Fewer Students, Districts are Set Up for Financial Trouble

New Research Reveals that About 25% of Teens with Autism Go Undiagnosed

Maternal Aspartame Use May Triple Autism Risk in Boys

Childhood ADHD Could Be 'Early Indicator of Other Mental Disorders', Study Finds

Houston ISD Struggles with Special Education Services after Cutting Workers


Congratulations to

Ellen Kay, Cindi Maurice, Patsy Ray, Tracey Christilles, and Karen Frantz-Fry, Joann P. Judge, Lauro Esquliona III, Kim Rogers, Nellie Ferdinandtsen, and Brandey Crawford who all knew the answer to last week's trivia question:

In a new study, published last month in Pediatrics, researchers at the Center for Injury Research and Policy and Central Ohio Poison Center at Nationwide Children's Hospital investigated the characteristics and trends of out-of-hospital medication errors for this disorder among people younger than 20 years old reported to U.S. poison centers from 2000 through 2021. According to the study, the annual number of medication-related errors for this disorder increased almost 300% from 2000 to 2021. The increase in the reported number of medication errors is consistent with the findings of other studies reporting an increase in the diagnosis of this disorder among U.S. children during the past two decades. What is the disorder?


This week's trivia question: 

In July 1968, Eunice Kennedy in her remarks at this Opening Ceremony, said this inaugural event prove "a very fundamental fact”—that children with intellectual disabilities can be exceptional athletes and that "through sports they can realize their potential for growth.” She pledged that this new organization would offer people with intellectual disabilities everywhere “the chance to play, the chance to compete and the chance to grow.” What inaugural event occurred in 1968 (and today has more than 5 million children and adults in more than 170 countries participate in)?

If you know the answer to this week's trivia questions, email it to us at contactus@naset.org by October 16, 2023. If you are correct, you will be acknowledged in next week's NASET's Week in Review


Students Get Hundreds of Notifications on Their Phones Every Day. Even at School

Education Department Calls for K-12 Pathway Programs, Outreach to Boost College Access

Finding ‘Lost Einsteins’ Means Fixing K-5 Science, Especially in Rural Schools

More Adults are Taking Medication for ADHD. Physicians Say Trend is a Double-Edged Sword

Remote Jobs Gave People with Disabilities More Opportunities. In-Office Mandates Take Them Away

More Schools are Adopting 4-Day Weeks. For Parents, the Challenge is Day 5



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