Week in Review - March 22, 2024

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March 22, 2024   |  Vol 20 Issue #12

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Welcome to NASET's WEEK in REVIEW. Here, we provide you with the latest publications from NASET to read and or download, as well as some of the most interesting articles that have happened this week in the field of special education. We hope you enjoy this publication.

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NASET’s LD Report

Overcoming Dyslexia: Music, Rhythm, and Prosody


By Matthew Glavach. Ph.D.

This issue of NASET’s LD Report was written by Matthew Glavach, Ph.D. While songs and rhymes are known to help children develop phonological awareness (sound elements in words), new research on speech rhythm is promising for children with dyslexia. And it is something every parent and teacher can do. The author’s research has found that prosodic reading combined with repeated reading can lead to significant gains for struggling readers. The program can be found in his new book: Overcome Dyslexia Now, and his music and reading program, Phonics Songs, plus with twenty-five songs by Donny and Marie Osmond are available at his website: StrugglingReaders.com. and on Amazon.

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Top Stories of the Week

No End in Sight for National ADHD Drug Shortage

The Importance of People When Navigating the Workplace with ADHD

Report Claims ‘Alarming Lack of Oversight’ of CT Special Education Schools

Thousands of Philadelphia Students are Owed Special Education Services from the Pandemic

Microsoft’s Neural Voice Tool for People with Speech Disabilities Arrives Later This Year

Kentucky Bill Seeking Statewide Alert for Missing Children with Autism Heads to Full House

How Can Driverless Cars Broaden Access for People with Disabilities?

Relationship-Building Activities for Older Students


Congratulations to

Lauro Esquilona III, Jane Tilleman, Merlisha Theodat, Patsy Ray, Wendy Hacke, Karl Anuskowitz, Katrina Snider, Melissa L. Davidson, Joann P. Judge, Karen Frantz-Fry, Cindi Maurice, and Autumn B. Matthews who all knew the answer to last week's trivia question:

EarliTec Diagnostics, a digital health company making earlier identification for this disorder accessible to children everywhere, received FDA clearance for the EarliPoint Evaluation, an objective measurement tool to assist clinicians in diagnosing and assessing this disorder in children ages 16-30 months. EarliPoint tracks a child’s eye movements while they watch other kids socialize. Because EarliPoint is a test that takes 15 minutes — unlike older diagnostics that can take an hour or more — it can weed out the long wait for families who are trying to get evaluated. The EarliPoint Evaluation tool measures children’s looking behavior to provide clinicians with objective measurements of each child’s strengths and vulnerabilities. What is the disorder that the EarliPoint Evaluation seeks to diagnose in young children?


This week's trivia question: 

In the realm of childhood development, this disorder stands as a beacon of concern and controversy. Recent studies shed light on a compelling facet of this issue: Children who are among the youngest in their class are more likely to be diagnosed with this disorder compared to their older peers. This revelation prompts a critical examination of how age-relative immaturity may be misinterpreted as a medical condition, potentially leading to over-diagnosis and unnecessary treatment. What is the disorder where children who are among the youngest in their class are more likely to be diagnosed compared to their older peers?

If you know the answer to this week's trivia questions, email it to us at contactus@naset.org by March 25th, 2024. If you are correct, you will be acknowledged in next week's NASET's Week in Review


Chronic Absenteeism in U.S. Classrooms is Presenting Unique Challenges to Teachers

North Carolina Helping Improve the Lives of People with Developmental Disabilities

Black Teachers are Less Likely to Refer Black Boys to Special Education, Study Finds

Many Migrant Students Need Mental Health Support. Here’s Why this Program is a Go-To for Schools.

Strategies to Help Impulsive Students Stop Blurting

Inside an Inclusive Classroom: How Two Teachers Work Together

Special Education Feeling the Impact of Medicaid Funding Cuts

Kids' Atopic Dermatitis Tied to Higher Risks of Learning, Memory Difficulties

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