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March 10, 2023   |  Vol 19 Issue #10

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NASET’s IEP Components Series


?Individualized Education Plans and Implementation in Urban Schools via Distance Learning

This issue of NASET’s IEP Components series was written by Buruuj Tunsill, Ed.S. A global pandemic placed a strain on many educators across the world, educators and students alike had to suddenly switch to a different mode of education--online learning. Online learning is when students receive instruction through synchronous or asynchronous interactions via the internet (Rice & Carter, 2015). Without professional training, educators were expected to deliver all lessons virtually to all students, which includes students with disabilities. Prior to the pandemic, educators have had difficulties implementing individualized education plans for students with disabilities. The research identifies key issues that impact educators who teach culturally and linguistically diverse students via online learning and provide recommendations for how special educators and other practitioners can better serve culturally and linguistically diverse students from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Thought fictitious scenarios incorporating Yessenia and Shawn, issues that may negatively influence online learning experiences will be examined to determine the best approaches to resolving the issues in an online learning setting. There were four identified factors that can contribute to culturally and linguistically diverse students with disabilities online success and proper implementation of their rep: Collaborate with families, build relationship with student, familiarize yourself with students' IEP and exceptionalities, and professional development for online teaching.

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Top Stories of the Week

Federal Government Launches First-of-Its-Kind Center for Early Childhood Workforce

Grad Rates a Mixed Bag as States Struggle with Chronic Absenteeism

3 Ways People with Disabilities are Forced to Balance Conflicting Ideas and Feelings

Why Design Thinking is Important in Early Childhood Education

The Correlation Between Autism and Disordered Eating That Everyone Needs To Understand

Program Aims to Fill Critical Need for Special Education Teachers, School Psychologists

Some Schools Are Prioritizing More Sleep for Kids. Is It Making a Difference?

Worried about ChatGPT and Cheating? Here are 4 Things Teachers Should Know


Congratulations to

Joann Judge, Diane Campbell-Mitchell, Tamra Green, Marilou Wake, Katrina Snider, Patsy Ray, Lauro Esquilona III, Cindy Terebush, Cindi Maurice, and Catherine Cardena who all knew the answer to last week's trivia question:

A new study finds toddlers' attention to high-pitched, sing-song speech -- or "baby talk" -- could provide an early diagnosis and treatment of a specific disorder. The study, published in JAMA Network Open, found lower levels of attention to a playful speech style, called motherese or parentese, could help diagnose language and social challenges in toddlers sooner. Motherese or parentese speech patterns are characterized by exaggerated intonation, simple grammar, high pitch and slow tempo. "If a toddler fixated on motherese speech at or below 30%, the probability of that toddler being accurately identified with this disorder was 94% and also signified an association with reduced social and language abilities," the study said. What is the disorder?

Answer: AUTISM

This week's trivia question: 

Dan Aykroyd, Howie Mandel, Seth Rogen, Billie Eilish, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and David Beckham are all famous people who have been diagnosed with what neurological disorder?

If you know the answer to this week's trivia questions, email it to us at contactus@naset.org by March 13, 2023. If you are correct, you will be acknowledged in next week's NASET's Week in Review

Students Want a Better Education Experience. First, Teachers Must Master Deeper Learning

Through the Eye of the Beholder: People with Autism Process Illusory Shapes Differently

Nationwide Adderall Shortage Still Impacting People with ADHD

Universal Screening for Dyslexia Isn’t Enough

"We cannot struggle alone": Students learning mental health 'first aid' to identify friends in need

Students’ Early Literacy Skills Are Rebounding. See What the Data Show

ADHD Slows Spoken-Word processing in Adverse Listening Conditions: Evidence from Eye Movements

Exploratory Survey Study on Settlement of IDEA Legal Disputes

Simple, quick survey that takes less than 10 minutes. For attorneys, parent advocates, and other third-party neutrals who have participated in at least 8 settlements of IDEA disputes in the past 10 years. Please contact Annie Lockwood at (512) 922-2060 or avlockwood@gmail.com


* Assistant Professor Special Education - Aquinas College is an inclusive educational community rooted in the Catholic Dominican tradition that provides a liberal arts education with a global perspective, emphasizing career preparation focused on leadership, service to others, and a lifelong passion for learning. Aquinas offers an inclusive and welcoming environment. Aquinas College is committed to recruiting talented and diverse faculty and staff who are capable of exposing its students to a wide range of cultures and perspectives and whose presence on the campus will enhance the diversity of the community in which the College resides. To learn more- Click here

* Director of Special Services - The Director of Special Services is responsible for coordinating alignment of materials and resources, instructional program evaluation, personnel management, department professional development,  staff scheduling, and effective fiscal management of the Department of Special Services. The Director of Special Services provides leadership to coordinate and supervise the effective delivery of Special Education services Gifted and Talented Services, MultiLingual Learner services , and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. To learn more- Click here

* [2023-2024] High School ELA Learning Specialist - Reporting to the Academic Dean, the High School ELA Learning Specialist will be responsible for building meaningful relationships with students, implementing a Common Core-aligned curriculum, and working with their grade team to analyze data to drive instruction. This is an exciting opportunity for an educator who is passionate about improving student outcomes by leading excellent instruction and building a positive school culture. To learn more- Click here

* [2023-2024] High School Math Learning Specialist - Reporting to the Academic Dean, the High School Math Learning Specialist will be responsible for building meaningful relationships with students, implementing a Common Core-aligned curriculum, and working with their grade team to analyze data to drive instruction. This is an exciting opportunity for an educator who is passionate about improving student outcomes by leading excellent instruction and building a positive school culture. To learn more- Click here

* Special Education Teachers - You’ll collaborate with teachers, families and school-based support teams to meet your students’ needs. You’ll build students’ academic and socio-emotional skills while advocating to ensure that they receive appropriate supports. You’ll create plans for post-high school transition to ensure quality of life after high school. To learn more- Click here

* Special Education Teacher (Sheppard Pratt School- Hunt Valley) - The Sheppard Pratt School - Hunt Valley is a year round special education program that provides educational services to students ages five to 21 with complex intellectual and behavioral disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder and other related disorders. Sheppard Pratt offers tuition reimbursement as well as offering fast track Standard Professional Certificate in Special Education and Masters of Arts in Leadership in Teaching programs in partnership with Notre Dame of Maryland University. To learn more- Click here

* Special Education Teacher in Arizona - $70,000/year - STARS is owned and operated by Occupational Therapists.  You will be an employee and receive full benefits. Summers off with year-round pay and year-round appreciation. With a proven track record, STARS is able to offer you an unbeatable support system and resources. STARS places Special Education Teachers throughout the Phoenix, Tucson and the surrounding area public schools. To learn more- Click here

* Workplace Coach - The How Skills provides highly individualized workplace coaching services to corporate employees. We are a quickly growing startup, and excited to expand our team! This coaching role, primarily supporting adults and working professionals with ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, other neurodiversity, and mental health conditions. To learn more- Click here

* Special Education Teacher - Resource- Potential to extend and potential for temp to perm. Use assessments and data to inform instructional practices. Utilize IEP information to adapt instruction to reach the needs of students. To learn more- Click here

* Fellow in Special Education: Specialism in Autism Studies - The Department of Special Education is seeking to fill a full-time, faculty fellow position to begin August 2023. The successful candidate will be responsible for teaching special education and autism courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. The fellow will be assigned to teach five courses per year. In addition to teaching responsibilities, the faculty fellow will be required to engage in scholarship, service to the department and University, professional participation and student advising. To learn more- Click here


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