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April 21, 2023   |  Vol 19 Issue #15

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NASET’s Parent Teacher Conference Handouts

Parent Request For School Records


There may be times when a parent requests school records but is not sure if the procedure. This PTCH provides the procedure and example letter to allow parents to hav that option. The IDEA (the nation’s special education law) gives you the right to look at all your child’s education records. This includes records about:

  • his or her identification as a child with a disability,
  • evaluation,
  • educational placement, and
  • special education program

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Top Stories of the Week

Working with Families of Children with a Learning Disorder

Why So Many Kids with Autism Get Expelled from Preschool

Prenatal and Early Life Risk Factors of ADHD

U.S. Department of Education Issues Dear Colleague Letter Calling for End to Corporal Punishment in Schools and Guiding Principles on School Discipline

ADHD Medication Shortage and the National Fallout: What to Do Now?

‘They Want to Be Busy': People with Intellectual Disabilities Turn to Entrepreneurship

Study: Gifted Education too Often Excludes English Learners, Students with Disabilities


Congratulations to:

?Mary Baker-Hendy, Lauro Esquilona III, Beth Foley, Patsy Ray, Danelle Fugate, Marilou Wake, Joanna Blau, Alisia Lagier, Raegen Miller, Cindi Maurice, Debbie Alford, Patrick Gilbert, Olga Stavro, Alison O'Brian, Brianne Minga, Karen Frantz-Fry, Joann Judge, and Erin Lewis who all knew the answer to last week's trivia question:

Fill in the Blank(s): Young children who are taught by a teacher of the same _____ as themselves develop better learning and problem-solving skills by the age of seven, new research suggests. The effect was most pronounced in Black and Latinx children, the findings—looking at more than 18,000 pupils across the US—showed. Published in Early Education and Development, the study revealed that if the _____ of children is shared with that of their teachers, the children are more likely to go on to develop better working memory. This is the ability to hold and process information in your mind—a skill that is essential for learning and problem solving. What is the word that fills in the blanks?


This week's trivia question: 

The rate of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the United States has reached an all-time high, a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has revealed. However, it is likely due to improved screening and diagnosis, not an epidemic of new cases, the study suggests. The research suggested that one in how many children had an ASD diagnosis in 2020? (Compared to one in 44 in 2018, according to data collected across 11 states by the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network).

If you know the answer to this week's trivia questions, email it to us at contactus@naset.org by April 18th, 2023. If you are correct, you will be acknowledged in next week's NASET's Week in Review

Autism Virtual Clinic Brings New Hope to Families in Search of Help

Combining Structure with Fun to Reach Students Where They Are

Autism Providers Look to Telehealth to Bridge Access Gaps

These States Have the Most 'Underqualified' Teachers Stepping in to Fill Open Positions

Workplace Hurdles for Individuals with ADHD

U.S. Department of Education Earmarks $224 Million to Improve Transition for Students with Disabilities

A New Way of Well-Being for Students with Intellectual Disabilities

Exploring Before Explaining Sparks Learning

If It Matters to Kids, It Matters

Exploratory Survey Study on Settlement of IDEA Legal Disputes

Simple, quick survey that takes less than 10 minutes. For attorneys, parent advocates, and other third-party neutrals who have participated in at least 8 settlements of IDEA disputes in the past 10 years. Please contact Annie Lockwood at (512) 922-2060 or avlockwood@gmail.com

* Special Education Teacher - Seeking Licensed Special Education Teacher for 3+ months working 7.5 Hours M-F in Kansas City, Kansas - 66104. To learn more - Click here

* [2023-2024] High School ELA Learning Specialist - Reporting to the Academic Dean, the High School ELA Learning Specialist will be responsible for building meaningful relationships with students, implementing a Common Core-aligned curriculum, and working with their grade team to analyze data to drive instruction. This is an exciting opportunity for an educator who is passionate about improving student outcomes by leading excellent instruction and building a positive school culture. To learn more- Click here

* [2023-2024] High School Math Learning Specialist - Reporting to the Academic Dean, the High School Math Learning Specialist will be responsible for building meaningful relationships with students, implementing a Common Core-aligned curriculum, and working with their grade team to analyze data to drive instruction. This is an exciting opportunity for an educator who is passionate about improving student outcomes by leading excellent instruction and building a positive school culture. To learn more- Click here

* [2023-2024] 7th Grade Math Learning Specialist - Reporting to the Academic Dean, the Learning Specialist will be responsible for providing tailored support to students with special education needs, through integrated co-teaching, in small group settings, or a combination of both. This is an exciting opportunity for a seasoned educator who is passionate about ensuring all students succeed and thrive in school. To learn more- Click here

* High School Teacher - MATERNITY LEAVE - We are currently collecting applications for an innovative, energetic, and committed Teacher to join us for the 2023-2024 school year to teach High School subjects such as personal finance, algebra 1, and computer applications. This is a one-year maternity leave position, with many teaching materials provided. There is the possibility of it becoming a permanent position at the end of the year. To learn More- Click here

* High School Teacher - Are you an educator seeking a position that provides a supportive environment with small class sizes of no more than 10 students, which allows you to provide an educational experience that changes kids’ lives? Do you have a passion for using a hands-on approach to learning? If so, Fortune Academy is where you need to be! To learn more- Click here

* Special Education Early Elementary Teacher - Our integrated curriculum is tailored to the student’s developmental level, sensory processing differences, and emotional-regulatory needs. At The Helix School, we emphasize our student’s capabilities and provide motivation-based, kinesthetic, and sensory-based functional, social-emotional and academic learning. To learn more- Click here

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* [2023-2024] Dean of Student Supports - Reporting to the Principal, this position will serve as a leader for staff and parents with regard to special education services and regulations. In addition, the Dean of Student Supports will work closely with the Network Director of Special Education and the school-based leadership team to ensure the implementation of special education policies and the integration of student support services. To learn more- Click here

* [2023-2024] High School Dean of Student Supports - The Dean of Student Supports should thoroughly understand state and federal regulations and local policies regarding children with special needs. The candidate should have experience leading IEP Meetings, coaching teachers when writing IEP reports, adhering to all timelines/deadlines, and demonstrating a solution-oriented mindset when working through challenging situations. The Dean of Student Supports should be flexible, self-motivated, a team player, and be able to manage up effectively.To learn more- Click here

* Elementary Special Education Teacher - French and/or English Speaker - Special Education Teachers wanted for grades K through 5, including a French speaking Special Education teacher to support the French immersion theme. Candidates must be eager to work with students of all abilities in a French immersion public school and adapt instruction to students’ interests and needs. To learn more- Click here

* Teacher-Exceptional Student Education - This position encompasses the three standards included in Teacher Professional Expectations in School Board Policy, which are high student achievement, safe learning environment, and effective and efficient operations. To learn more - Click here

* Autism Resource Specialist - The Autism Resource Specialist assists in identifying and implementing appropriate behavior management and communication systems and occasionally will demonstrate evaluation and teaching procedures on-site in the classroom. The Autism Resource Specialist develops multimedia materials and plans, coordinates, and conducts in-service training workshops. To learn more- Click here

* Special Education Teacher (Sheppard Pratt School- Hunt Valley) - The Sheppard Pratt School - Hunt Valley is a year round special education program that provides educational services to students ages five to 21 with complex intellectual and behavioral disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder and other related disorders. Sheppard Pratt offers tuition reimbursement as well as offering fast track Standard Professional Certificate in Special Education and Masters of Arts in Leadership in Teaching programs in partnership with Notre Dame of Maryland University. To learn more- Click here

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