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Special Education Legal Alert

By Perry A. Zirkel

© July 2021

This month’s update identifies recent court decisions illustrating (1) evolving COVID-19 issues and answers under various legal bases, and (2) continuing child find and FAPE interpretations and applications under the IDEA. For related information about these issues, see the various sections of

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    • The Disparate Impacts of COVID-19 on America’s Students
    • FAQ on the ESSER Fund
    • Guidance for Child Care
    • Supporting Students with the Most Intensive Needs | 3 Videos
    • Inclusive Social Emotional Learning for Students with Disabilities
    • A Family Guide to Participating in the Child Outcomes Measurement Process
    • Comic Books Series Turned into Videos for Children
    • How to Spot Depression in Young Children
    • Why Inclusion? Video Series
    • CDC Updates and Adds to Child Care Provider Guidance on COVID-19
    • ED Covid-19 Handbook: Roadmap to Reopening Safely and Meeting All Students’ Needs
    • Relationship Building: A Strategy Guide for Educators
    • Webinar and Podcast | Developing Data-Driven Equity Practices and Partnerships
    • Webinar | Guidance for State and Local Leaders on Flexible Options to Increase and Support the Special Education Pipeline

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    Starter Set of Resources on LRE

    Reflecting on the Meaning of LRE

    Considering LRE in Placement Decisions.
    Indepth look at what LRE is, how it’s defined in IDEA and in practice, and who decides placement for a student with a disability.

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    Bookshare: Providing Accessible Materials for Students with Print Disabilities

    The IRIS STAR Legacy modules are meant to help train future teachers, administrators, and other school personnel. This module presents an overview of Bookshare, a project supported by the U.S. Department of Education and OSEP, which provides books in digitized formats to individuals who have print disabilities. Included is information about how such students can access textbooks, other instructional materials, and text-reader software at no cost, as well as how teachers can use this information in their daily instructional planning.

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    Plain Language Writing: An Essential Part of Accessibility

    How do you make writing accessible?

    We know how to replace steps with ramps. We know how to widen doorways and make restrooms larger for wheelchair users. We can accommodate Deaf people with Sign Language and captions on videos. Blind people can use large print, Braille, or audiobooks. But how do we make information, instructions, and ideas more cognitively accessible, particularly for people with intellectual, developmental, and learning disabilities?

    This article explains the purpose of writing in plain language and its importance to providing access to understandable information for those with disabilities. It also:

    • gives excellent examples,
    • explores the main characteristics of plain writing,
    • list digital tools that can help improve readability, and
    • connects you with multiple resources expressly written to inform individuals with disabilities (in plain language, of course) about such issues as COVID-19 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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    Best Practices for Accessible Social Media | Webinar

    Educators are integrating social media into their professional learning routines, their daily communications, and their instructional practices. But how do we plan for variability in our social media followers? Learn easy tips for making your social media posts more accessible and more usable by everyone, in this archived webinar held in May 2019 by the Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) Center.

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      Book Review: Awakening the Sleeping Giant, Helping Teachers Develop as Leaders

      By Danielle Aycardi


      This book review is on the book written by Marily Katzenmeyer and Gayle Moller,Awakening the Sleeping Giant, Helping Teachers Develop as Leaders. The authors examine the challenges that teacher leaders face such as accepting leadership positions, building relationships, working with peers and facilitating professional development. By becoming teacher leaders, teacher can make a significant impact on student learning.

      Keywords: educational leaders, student, learning

      Katzenmeyer, M., & Moller, G. (2009). Awakening the sleeping giant: helping teachers develop as leaders. Corwin a SAGE Company.

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        Book Review: The Heart-Led Leader

        By Sarah Margaret Lane


        “Because love wins” (240) concludes Tommy Spaulding, an author, speaker, and head of leadership organizations such as Up with People. In his book, Spaulding attempts to share discoveries made while developing his leadership philosophy of love and serving. He argues that leaders should aim to change themselves and the different communities around them by becoming leaders who use their hearts. Spaulding details eighteen qualities or “inches” required to change to a “heart-led leader”.

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          How to Design and Deliver Content for Diverse Audiences | Webinar


          Want to prepare top-notch presentations? This archived webinar from August 2018 discusses best practices for making your presentations accessible to a wider audience that includes not only people with disabilities, but also people who call into a presentation and do not have access to the visuals, and those sitting in the back row of a large room.

          The webinar also describes techniques for making your slides more accessible using a number of popular presentation tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple’s Keynote, and Google Slides, as well as how to design an accessible handout that provides value even after the presentation is over. From the National Center on Accessible Educational Materials.

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            Latest Employment Opportunities Posted on NASET 

            * Special Education Teacher - McLean County Unit District No. 5 is seeking Special Education Teacher who provides specialized instruction in order to meet the unique educational needs of students with disabilities, evaluates and assesses progress, in accordance with the student’s IEP, in a variety of settings. To learn more - Click here

            * Special Education Teacher - STRIVE Prep is a Denver-based community of public charter schools that challenges every student to strive for college and thrive throughout life by helping them to discover and develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to succeed in college and beyond. We encourage you to read our 2020 Impact Report and learn more about what a career at STRIVE Prep is like here. To learn more - Click here

            * Classroom Teacher- Work with students in various settings, develop and modify a therapeutically guided curriculum, generate reports to meet students’ needs, communicate with families, coordinate with therapists, and plan for teaching assistants. To learn more- Click Here

            * Special Education Teacher- Provides instruction, directly and with the assistance of Education Assistants and Classroom Assistants, of students with developmental disabilities in education, vocational, functional and self-help, social-emotional, and behavioral areas.  Instruction is enhanced by the ongoing collaboration with other team members (i.e. behavior department, parents, related services, etc.) in a multi-disciplinary approach. To learn more- Click Here

            * Special Education Teacher- Special education teachers at Urban Prep provide students with special needs with a rigorous, high quality and engaging academic experience. Achieving academic excellence requires that teachers work collaboratively with the Principal, Assistant Principal, and/or Department Chair to effectively communicate expectations to students, parents, members of the community, and colleagues from across our network of schools. To learn more- Click Here

            * Network Director of Mental Health - Reporting to the Managing Director of Programs, the Network Director of Mental Health will be responsible for leading strategy across DREAM schools to ensure the mental health needs of all students are met. This is an exciting opportunity for an individual who has extensive knowledge of best practices in mental health for students. To learn more- Click Here

            * Teacher-IDEA Public Schools-Houston- Help shape and develop a school wide culture that fosters a productive and enthusiastic learning environment for each student. Establish and maintain a cooperative working relationship with students and families based on trust, understanding and respect for the communities in which they identify. Prepare and help students transition from grade to grade and after graduation. To learn more- Click Here

            * Special Education Teacher- We're looking for exceptional Special Education Teachers for full-time positions in North View, GA for the 2021-2022 school year, from July 29, 2021 - May 24, 2022. These positions are 37.5 hours per week working with elementary-high school age students, with various degrees of  cognitive impairment. TherapyTravelers is a mission-driven organization in the business of changing lives! To learn more- Click Here

            * Special Education Teacher - Middle School- The Middle School (MS) Special Education Teacher is responsible for the education of each pupil in his or her charge. This position will accomplish these duties while working with students, parents, other teachers and staff toward achieving the goals set forth in the Prospect Ridge Academy Mission Statements. To learn more- Click Here

            * Director of Special Services- The Director coordinates and evaluates special education programs and staff, and works with general education, support staff, building administrators, and parents to develop appropriate programs for special education students who receive services in PK-12. This position reports to the Assistant Superintendent of Learning Services. To learns more- Click Here

            * Special Needs Tutors -  is seeking dynamic, state credentialed special needs teachers to tutor on our virtual platform teaching learners all over the world. This is a perfect second job to earn extra money from the safety of your own home.  There is no minimum hourly requirement; all you need is a computer, reliable internet, a quiet space and willingness to teach. To learn more - Click here

            * Full Time Director of Special Needs Ministry - The Director of Special Needs Ministry will provide oversight and leadership to five direct reports. This leader will be responsible to develop, oversee and implement a philosophy of ministry that shares the gospel, provides discipleship and creates a sense of belonging for those with special needs and their families. To learn more - Click here

            * Special Education Teacher - This is a full-time, ten-month position to provide general classroom instruction for students with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, serious Emotional Disturbance or Development Delays. As a Special Education Teacher, you will play an integral role in the success of our students while overseeing the classroom team and dynamics. To learn more - Click here

            * National, Virtual Special Education Teacher - Stride K12  is looking for Special Education Teachers to join our talented group of passionate education professionals. Special Education Teacher provide instruction, support and guidance, manage the learning process, and focus on students’ individual needs as defined by each student’s IEP.  To learn more -Click here

            * Autism Program Coordinator - Hammitt Schools - The Autism Program Coordinator works collaboratively with the school staff to ensure development and implementation of best practice social/behavioral, communication, and instructional strategies within the Challenges classrooms.  Serves as a clinical leader in developing instructional and behavioral interventions in classrooms. To learn more - Click here.

            * Emotional Disabilities Teacher, MS/HS - Provides and is accountable for the planning, assessment, instruction, communication, human relations, safety, and management of a classroom or assigned instructional setting.  Supports FCPS mission to "inspire, enable, and empower students to meet high academic standards, lead ethical lives, and demonstrate responsible citizenship". To learn more - Click here

            * Multiple Disabilities Teacher, ES/MS/HS - Provides and is accountable for the planning, assessment, instruction, communication, human relations, safety, and management of a classroom or assigned instructional setting.  Supports FCPS mission to "inspire, enable, and empower students to meet high academic standards, lead ethical lives, and demonstrate responsible citizenship." To learn more - Click here

            * Special Education Teacher -  Provides services to students with a range of moderate to severe disabilities ages three to 21 years of age. Leads the IEP team to develop data driven student learning and behavioral goals. Responsible for developing curriculum and program strategies consistent with the student's learning level and to continually assess student progress towards IEP goals. To learn more - Click here

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            Portions of this or previous month’s NASET’s Special Educator e-Journal were excerpted from:

            • Center for Parent Information and Resources
            • Committee on Education and the Workforce
            • Official U.S. Government Web Portal
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            • National Institute of Health
            • National Organization on Disability
            • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
            • U.S. Department of Education
            • U.S. Department of Education-The Achiever
            • U.S. Department of Education-The Education Innovator
            • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
            • U.S. Department of Labor
            • U.S. Food and Drug Administration
            • U.S. Office of Special Education

              The National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) thanks all of the above for the information provided for this or prior editions of the Special Educator e-Journal

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