Issue #20: Assistive Technology

The April issue of NASET's Educating Children with Severe Disabilities series will cover the following topic:

Assistive Technology

The focus of this section will be to learn about:

An overview of assistive technology devices available to individuals with disabilities. After reading this section you should understand the following:

Assistive Technology Defined 
Assistive Technology Devices 
Assistive Technology Devices-A Historical Overview 
IDEA 1997 and Assistive Technology 
Applying Assistive Technology in Instruction 
Computer Technology 
Computer Technology and Educational Software 
Technology Applications-Case Studies 
Selecting Assistive Technology Equipment: Becoming Informed 
Integrating Technology into the Student’s IEP 
State Level Support for Assistive Technology 
Factors for Success 
Funding for Assistive Technology Devices and Services in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) of 1997 
Concluding Thoughts

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