Building Student Confidence in the Classroom


Confidence is nothing magical or difficult to understand. Put simply, it is merely the result of repeated successful experiences. If we think back to our confidence level the first time, we rode a bicycle versus the 50th time, we see that experience and more importantly, success, increased our confidence. Likewise, our confidence the first day of a new job verses the 50th, the first time we met someone verses the 50th and so on. Without successful experiences on which to draw, children will not believe that they are capable. Telling children, they are bright, special, unique, and capable and so on, without their having actual experiences to validate the words really has no meaning. Children only build upon that which they can see, which in turn affects that which they can feel.


  • The Use of Positive Restructuring With Children
  • Understanding the Foundations of Self-esteem
  • Understanding the 20 Principles of Positive Restructuring
  • Be Aware of Symptoms Indicating Low Levels of Confidence
  • How Teacher Personality and Style Affects the Growth of Self Confidence
  • Classroom Practices for Building Confidence
  • Success Bank Account

Adapting Curriculum for Students with Special Needs

The NASET Survival Guide Building Student Confidence in the Classroom

Many theories of learning usually consider the function of the brain and how information is processed. Further, most theories of learning assume that there is an existing foundation on which to build. While the success of human learning is a result of many factors coming together at one time, there is a major factor required upon which all learning needs to be built: namely confidence.  The Cost of this guide is $9.95. Delivery of this guide is via email immediately upon completion of the payment processing. To make a purchase use the Buy Now button below.

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