Cost & Who Can Apply


NASET Members are entitled to discounted tuition fees, but NASET membership is not required. There is also savings that can be realized by paying for all Modules in one single payment. The following is the cost for the Paraprofessionals Skills Preparation Program (PSPP)

      NASET Members Tuition 

Single Module Payments (5)  -  $69.00/each

All Modules Payment  - $295 (save $50) 

       Non-Members Tuition

Single Module Payments (5)  -  $85.00/each

All Modules Payment  - $360 (save $65)

PSPP Application Form

Can or Should I Join NASET?

We welcome Paraprofessionals as NASETAffiliate Members with the same access to everything that NASET has to offer. Not only does NASET Membership provide additional proof of dedication to your chosen aspiration to work as a Paraprofessional, but with the wealth of information, publications, special education news, free courses and much more, you will be far ahead of your collegues in your knowledge and understanding of your role as a Paraprofessional! And don't forget, if you decide to apply for PSPP, the cost of membership will pay for itself in the tuition discount you will receive as a NASET member!

Who Can Apply

Anyone can apply to the Paraprofessional Skills Preparation Program (PSPP). There is no application fee or educational prerequiste to apply or complete the program. Successfully completing the program will provide you with documentation of your efforts through the National Association of Special Education's (NASET) to learn the skills and knowledge that NASET has defined as neccessary in becoming a Paraprofessional. Please note that the requirements for paraproffessionals vary and may be determined by state, district and school officials and or agencies. For more information on this topic see the PSPP FAQ. 

Who Do I Contact If I Have Any Questions About the PSPP Program?

Contact the NASET Career Center at or call us at 800-754-4421 ext 102

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