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Special Education Legal Alert

By Perry A. Zirkel

© February 2018

This monthly legal alert focuses on two recent cases, one including the intersection of child find and RTI under the IDEA and the other concerning the IDEA remedies for stay-put violations. For automatic e-mailing of future legal alerts, sign up at; this website also provides free downloads of various related articles, including those specific to the complaint procedures avenue under the IDEA.

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    Disproportionate Representation in Special Education

    By Rossana Hahn

    Disproportionate representation is a concerning issue in special education that has been analyzed through the years. Disproportionate representation occurs when children of a specific group of the population are overrepresented or underrepresented to receive special education services. Special education services are developed to help students with disabilities to have access to appropriate education and to provide them with the support they need academically to achieve positive results. Mislabeling students can have disastrous consequences in their educational outcomes and in their lives. This literature review will address disproportionality in special education and its relation to minorities.

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      Achievement of Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Classrooms


      According to the U.S. Department of Education (2002), approximately 95% of special education students with disabilities have been receiving their special education services in general education classes' for at least 80% of the day. Over the last fifteen years, these numbers increasingly have included students with severe disabilities (Boyd, Seo, Ryndak, & Fisher, 2005). An increasing number of students with mild, moderate, and severe disabilities have been receiving services along with students of the same chronological age who do not have disabilities. These services have been provided due to parental advocacy, legal litigation, changes in legislation, and research about the efficacy of educational services. The purpose of this research paper is to describe social and academic achievement of inclusive education practices for students with disabilities and their classmates without disabilities and describe a researched based model that has been proven to bring success to both groups of students.

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          Picture Schedules for Students with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism: A Review of the Literature

          By Keyhla Mino

          Many students with significant disabilities, including those with Austin Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Intellectual Disabilities (IND), overly rely on adult cues to perform daily tasks. Promoting the independence of individuals with disabilities has been the goal of many educators and parents of students with disabilities. The majority of students with ASD and IND encounter difficulties with transitions and with following routines. Providing students with a visual schedule can assist them in understanding what comes next; therefore, facilitating their transitions and daily routines. Researchers in a number of studies have consistently found picture schedules to be an effective intervention to use with individuals with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities. A picture schedule is a visual support system with photographs, images, or drawings in a sequential format providing the individual with the visual steps required to conduct an activity or to transition from one activity to the other.

          Implementing picture schedules can also increase predictability throughout the student's day, thus anticipating any changes in the daily routine. Picture schedules can vary in size and style and on how detailed they are, depending on the individual need of the student. Some students may need to start with one to three pictures, whereas other students may need to have the entire daily routine depicted on the schedule. Picture schedules are inexpensive and easy to construct, they can be applied in many different settings and in a variety of activities in school and away from school, which is ideal to both maintain and generalize behaviors.

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                Understanding Supplementary Aids and Services

                The IEP must contain a statement of the special education and related services and supplementary aids and services to be provided to the child, or on behalf of the child. We've split up the discussion of each of these important elements, because there is so much to say about each. This article focuses on supplementary aids and services.

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                  Latest Employment Opportunities Posted on NASET

                  *Director of Special Education - The Director of Special Education is responsible for leadership, administration, and supervision of all services and programs associated with the provision of special education in Council Bluffs Schools and for all instructional services provided in community-based programs for which the school district is responsible.  To learn more - Click here

                  *Special Education TeacherJewish Child & Family Services (JCFS) provides vital, individualized, results-driven, therapeutic and supportive services for thousands of children, adults and families of all backgrounds each year. JCFS is currently seeking a Special Education Teacher to work with individuals and small groups of children (K - 12) with emotional and behavior disorders in a therapeutic special education classroom. The Therapeutic Day School is located in West Rogers Park, Chicago, IL. To Learn More - Click here

                  * Special Education Teacher - Year Round Facility School - Provide an optimal classroom environment and learning experience,  Establishes and maintains strong classroom management, complete all academic and diagnostic assessments, participate with family and/or guardian and team in the development of IEP and facilitate and monitor activities in accordance with each child’s IEP goals. To learn more - Click here

                  *Certified Special Education Teacher - Susan E. Wagner Day School with 5 locations throughout the Bronx. Administer appropriate educational testing to gather data for the development of IEP.  Develop appropriate individualized. Provide therapeutic intervention in the classroom to maintain a therapeutic educational environment.Document academic and behavioral evaluations of students. To learn more - Click here

                  *Educational Director - Do you enjoy leading a collaborative team, utilizing your leadership and behavioral skills while positively affecting children with significant disabilities? Then consider joining Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health!Being an Educational Director at Devereux has its Advantages. To learn more - Click here

                  *Special Education Teacher - At Mastery, all means all.  Nearly one quarter of our students have individualized education plans (IEPs) to help ensure they get the educational opportunities they need. As a Secondary Special Education Teacher you will work with a team of teachers, case managers, school leaders, and central office support staff to help push the boundaries of what’s possible for your students academically, emotionally, and physically while also developing your craft. To learn more - Click here

                  * Executive Director of Special Education - Under the direction of the Chief Academic Officer, the Executive Director of Special Education provides vision, leadership, oversight and evaluation for the Department of Special Education. A completed application includes all application materials and three supervisory references. This position is posted until filled, with an initial screening date of February 11, 2018. To learn more - Click here

                  * Special Education Teacher (secondary) - Linwood Center is currently hiring for Special Education teachers for Grades 9-12. The teacher will guide the educational process and provide specialized instruction at the secondary school level for students with autism and related disabilities in classrooms of four to seven students. S/he will use various techniques to promote learning, including individualized instruction, problem-solving assignments, and small-group work. To learn more - Click here

                  * High School Special Education Teacher - Tutor individual and small groups of students, reinforcing language and reading concepts. Schedule and conduct IEP meetings, coordinating schedules with parents, general education teacher(s), administrator, and all appropriate special education staff. Communicate with parents regarding individual student progress and conduct. Maintain progress records and record progress toward IEP goals. To learn more - Click here

                  * Instructional Specialist- The STEPP Program’s mission is to provide students with learning disabilities who aspire to achieve a college education and who demonstrate the potential for postsecondary success with access and comprehensive support throughout the university experience. By partnering with these students, their families, and a variety of educational communities, the STEPP Program fosters a network of opportunities and resources to empower and support students from admission to graduation from East Carolina University. To learn more - Click here

                  * EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR- Criterion Child Enrichment is conducting a search for an Executive Director. Founded in 1985 as a not-for-profit organization, Criterion has served families for over 30 years and is a leading provider of early childhood education and early intervention services. Each year the agency serves over 7000 families through a program network that extends throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. To learn more - Click here

                  *Program Director ~ Annandale Campus - Applications are being accepted for this key leadership position within PHILLIPS Programs. The PHILLIPS School ~ Annandale Program Director, reporting to the President & CEO, will be responsible for all aspects of operation of a 200 pupil campus for students with emotional & behavior problems, learning disabilities and other school challenges. The Program Director also oversees a staff of 150. To learn more - Click here

                  *Special Education Teacher - Various - $50,000/school year (185 days), summers off with year round pay and year round appreciation.  Special Education Teachers needed in Arizona (Phoenix and surrounding cities). Needs are in the self-contained and resource settings serving students with emotional disabilities (ED), Autism (A), Severe/Profound (S/P), and Intellectual Disabilities (ID).  STARS is the largest school contract agency in AZ. STARS is owned and operated by Occupational Therapists.  You will be an employee and receive full benefits. To learn more - Click here

                  * Special Education Teacher - The Adolescent Care Unit (ACU) at Tséhootsooí Medical Center on the Navajo Nation seeks a Special Education Teacher to work with 8 to 10 teens aged 13-17 with mild emotional or behavior issues in a subacute 60-day inpatient program. ACU combines western therapy with Native American traditional cultural methods to foster health and Hozho or harmony, and is located in northeastern AZ. To learn more - Click here

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