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Special Education Legal Alert

By Perry A. Zirkel

© May 2018

This monthly legal alert summarizes two recent articles, one that is an updated outcomes analysis of the aftermath of Endrew F. upon its first anniversary and the other that is a caselaw analysis of the obligations to students with disabilities in private schools. For automatic e-mailing of future legal alerts, sign up at perryzirkel.com; this website also provides free downloads of various related articles, including the two summarized in this legal alert.

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    Underlying Factors and Solutions for the Achievement Gap

    By Bonnie L. Rosenblum


    This paper will discuss the circumstances that occur to create an overrepresentation and underrepresentation of minority students in the special education system within the United States.  This disproportionality is referred to as the achievement gap.  The effects of the achievement gap are far reached.  Various strategies to minimize the achievement gap will be discussed as more solutions are identified.

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      Book Review: Lost at School: Why Our Kids with Behavioral Challenges are Falling Through the Cracks and How We Can Help Them

      By Janine Castro

      The biggest concerns in most of the schools nationwide in education remains in behavior problems. The behavioral problems are associated with lower achievement, and affects the whole classroom. Students who have behavior problems prevent themselves and other students from learning, teachers addressing behavior issues spend precious instructional time on discipline and behavior management. The purpose of this book review, is to find the principal criteria, content, and organization as a resource to students, parents, educators, and administrators to use strategies and help behaviorally challenging students.

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          The Use of Visual Support for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

          By Nathalee Reyes


          This Literature Review will address the benefits of using visual support for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Here you will find a thorough review of different journal articles that have been published about this topic. At the end of this paper, the reader will have more information about the diverse ways in which visual support can be implemented to keep students engaged and to promote positive behavior in the classroom and out of the school.

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              Book Review: Shattering the Stained-Glass Ceiling: A Coaching Strategy for Women Leaders in Ministry

              By Phenelope Peña

              Wilkerson, Robyn, DMIN. Shattering the Stained-Glass Ceiling: A Coaching Strategy for Woman Leaders in Ministry. Springfield, MO: Influence Resources, 2017. 251pp. $14.99.

              “Our world is in desperate need of your unique leadership” (18). In Shattering the Stained-Glass Ceiling: A Coaching Strategy for Women Leaders in Ministry, Dr. Wilkerson writes to women leaders of today expressing to them that every woman has leadership qualities. Dr. Wilkerson is a co-pastor at Trinity Church in Miami, Florida.  This is her first publication from completing her doctrine in Ministry studies. Throughout her book she coaches and guides her readers in understanding how to stimulate their leadership potential.  She uses personal examples in the book and gives her perspective on how to cultivate your vision and how to have others buy into your vision.

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                Book Review: Lead Like a Pirate

                By Martha Nuñez

                Who knew the secret to inspiring positive change in schools lay in channeling the life of a pirate?  Lead Like A Pirate was written by Shelly Burgess and Beth Houf as an extension to Teach Like A Pirate, which was authored by Shelly’s husband Dave. In Lead Like A Pirate, the writers try to impart what they term “the PIRATE spirit” into revamping school systems. Lead Like A Pirate sees effective leaders as charting their own course to be the leaders they always wanted to be.

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                  Coping Self-Efficacy, Outcome Expectancy Beliefs, and Parental Educational Attainment as Predictors of Parents’ Use of Coping Strategies When Their Child has Autism Spectrum Disorder

                  By Konabe Bene, PhD

                  The stress that parents of youngsters diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) undergo is high. The researcher hypothesized that the stress that parents experience may reflexively add to the suffering that their child undergoes while impacting the parents' social, professional, and emotional functioning. In order to have a better understanding of how parents cope with their child's diagnosis of ASD and the factors that influence parents' coping behaviors the researcher collected data from 124 parents of children diagnosed with ASD using four instruments and then ran multiple regression analyses. Only the coping outcome expectancy beliefs scale and parental educational attainment predicted parental coping strategies significantly. In a post hoc analysis in which the researcher used the subscales of the predictor variables, two of the three subscales pertaining to the coping self-efficacy beliefs alongside parental educational attainment predicted parental coping strategies. The findings are discussed and recommendations are provided.

                  Key words: Autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Coping behaviors. Educational attainment. Outcome expectancy beliefs. Regression analysis. Self-efficacy beliefs. Stress

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                      Latest Employment Opportunities Posted on NASET

                      *Primary Grades Lead Teacher - Primary Teacher positions are for an education professional eager to participate in the development of a growing Reggio-Emilia inspired academic program and help create and support a unique school culture.  Bennett Day School teachers understand that the craft of teaching is dynamic; they adapt to and integrate this belief in his or her daily work in the classroom and school community. The primary grade teacher will work in collaboration with other teaching teams, the TESLab teacher, and the Principal to integrate rich, developmentally appropriate programming in the classroom.  The primary grade teaching position follows a two year loop. To learn more - Click here

                      *PRESIDENT - St. Rita School for the Deaf - The President provides leadership to achieve the fullest attainment of the mission of St. Rita School for the Deaf (SRSD). The President serves as an administrative officer of the Board of Limited Jurisdiction and serves on the board as ex-officio member without vote. The President is the overall leader and facilitator of the school and bears ultimate responsibility for the integration of faith and culture, consistent with the mission and core values of St. Rita School for the Deaf. To learn more - Click here

                      *Science Test Developer, Alernate Assessment -The Science Test Developer will lead state assessment projects and tasks that include the development and management of Science Assessment programs. Responsibilities include: Managing the review, revision, and delivery of Science test items and ensuring item quality. To learn more - Click here

                      *Learning Specialist -Bennett Day School is a progressive independent day school looking for passionate educators with innovative spirit and rich background in adolescent learning and school experience.  We are a new type of independent school; unabashed believers in the values of progressive education, we put students at the center of the process of learning. To learn more - Click here

                      *Special Education Teachers-All Areas - Stafford County Public Schools is actively seeking certified Special Education-All Areas Teachers for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year. We also offer Travel Reimbursement for out of state applicants available ONLY with a signed contract. To learn more - Click here

                      *Special Education Teacher - DHH (2 positions open) - The teacher will implement into daily instruction appropriate educational curriculum based on the Nevada State Standards and the CCSD Curriculum Essentials Framework (CEF) or secondary syllabi into daily student instruction. The teacher will create and maintain an educational atmosphere that encourages effective student learning and supports school and district programs and goals. To learn more - Click here

                      *Family Assistant - Working single parent with 5 children, aged 8 through 16, seeks an experienced Family Assistant in Lake Forest to join the household team. The ideal candidate has an active, fun, easy-going personality and will enjoy a bustling household with a pool, tennis court, game room, etc. Education degree or certification in special education required. To learn more - Click here

                      *Special Education Teacher - Jewish Child & Family Services (JCFS) provides vital, individualized, results-driven, therapeutic and supportive services for thousands of children, adults and families of all backgrounds each year. JCFS is currently seeking a Special Education Teacher to work with individuals and small groups of children (K - 12) with emotional and behavior disorders in a therapeutic special education classroom. The Therapeutic Day School is located in West Rogers Park, Chicago, IL. To Learn More - Click here

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