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ADHD linked to higher risk of developing mental disorders and attempted suicide, study finds

September 14, 2023

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is associated with a higher incidence of depressionanorexia or post-traumatic stress disorder as well as the risk of suicide attempts, a new study found. A neurodevelopmental condition, ADHD is a pattern of hyperactivity, inattention and impulsive behavior that interferes with daily functioning or development.

People with ADHD were 30% more likely to attempt suicide and 9% more likely to develop major depression, according to the study, which could only show associations and not prove a direct cause and effect. Once those with ADHD developed depression, they were then 42% more likely to try to take their own life.

“ADHD and suicidal behavior share common genetic factors that may reflect genetic variants associated with impulsivity, a trait that is highly heritable,” said lead study author Dr. Dennis Freuer, a statistician and chair of epidemiology at the University of Augsburg in Germany. Read More