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Dietary Interventions for ADHD: Emerging Research and Considerations

July 29, 2022

There has been increasing interest in the role that diet and supplements play in the treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms, from patients and researchers alike. Diet is an important treatment approach to consider, as it is a lifestyle change rather than a medication. Additionally, at least 10% to 30% of children with ADHD are non-responsive to, or experience adverse effects from, ADHD medications­­­­.1 A dietary approach to ADHD can be complementary to a conventional pharmacological approach, giving patients and their families more options toward a personalized treatment plan. This article will examine current research about diet and ADHD, review important potential mechanisms (including the role of the immune system, gut microbiome, and toxic heavy metals), and comment on promising new avenues for the treatment of ADHD. Read More