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Self-Directed Lessons Can Help Educators Identify Gifted Learners

July 22, 2022

Gifted children require support for their educational needs, but teachers must be able to identify them first, educator and consultant Cecilia Cabrera Martirena writes for Edutopia. Many signs can point to giftedness, from an affinity for recalling facts to having a good sense of humor, Cabrera Martirena writes. But educators might not recognize other signs including procrastination, emotional outbursts, and not working well in a group due to a preference for working alone. One way to identify gifted learners is to design lessons where students can direct their own learning: During a weather lesson, for example, educators can take young students outside and have them make observations, and then invite them to ask questions about what piques their interest. Educators can then work with and support students who have questions that require more research. Read More