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Developmental Dyslexia-Associated Cognitive Differences from the Perspective of Cognitive Search

July 15, 2022

Developmental Dyslexia (DD) is defined as a disorder in children who fail to learn language skills of writing, reading, and spelling commensurate using their intellectual abilities, despite attending conventional classroom lessons. Cognitive differences related to DD were detected initially due to lexical difficulties. While later research highlighted the neurophysical and cognitive processes in individuals experiencing DD, it is necessary to understand the non-lexical impact of DD. In the present study, researchers reviewed the cognitive differences related to DD with respect to different aspects of cognitive search. The team studied existing information related to individuals exhibiting DD, which covered distinct cognitive modalities and domains. The evidence was examined for cognitive variations with respect to cognitive search, taking into account the exploration and exploitation trade-off. The team considered the various aspects associated with an external search such a selective attendance to data in the external environment, followed by an internal search, including searching for data in/from memory to search for solutions specific to the problems and subsequent neurophysical characterization. Read More