Woodhouse Academy

School Description:

Woodhouse Academy is an academic and therapeutic private day school designed to meet the needs of adolescents (Grades 6-12) with average or above intelligence who are challenged by learning difficulties. They are youngsters who have often experienced failure in other school settings resulting in performance levels not commensurate with their abilities.

The Woodhouse program is designed for students who have executive functioning deficits, experience attention and organization challenges; academic engagement and motivation issues; learning differences; difficulty understanding and forming social relationships; low self-esteem/confidence; and/or behaviors related to specific disorders; (anxiety, depression, school phobia, school refusal, school anxiety, PDD, ASD, PTSD, OCD). These various challenges typically interfere with the student’s academic success.

The Academy offers opportunities for new directions in the student’s life. Our dedicated staff is focused on helping students develop the thinking skills, social skills, effective strategies and self-understanding they will need for academic success, appropriate social interactions, lifelong learning and self-advocacy.

The staff develops a comprehensive understanding of each student’s learning and developmental needs. This understanding begins in the admissions process and continues daily throughout our relationship with the student.

Woodhouse’s mission is to provide our students with a solid foundation for the future combined with social and community experiences that help them develop ways to overcome past difficulties and achieve success.

Daily events and interactions become learning opportunities for the students. They develop the skills needed for future success in education, employment and life, learn ways to have sound social relationships, enjoy recreational life, and build a solid foundation for stable and healthy development.

The Academy is a unique setting where students feel connected and can move from dependence to independence. The education process at Woodhouse Academy is enhanced by the small, supportive community experience and meaningful staff-student relationships. Teachers and staff guide, support, and provide structure in a non-punitive, flexible way. The students gain a sense of self-worth through their experiences and successes while participating in the school community. It is a place with meaning and purpose for all the students.

Woodhouse Academy students benefit from a program with:

  • Specialization in adolescent life
  • Solid educational experiences
  • Small class size and meaningful community
  • Individualized and personalized attention
  • Special Education techniques
  • Psychoeducational approach
  • Parent support and guidance
  • Social and group dynamic skill development
  • A Collaborative problem solving orientation

The Woodhouse program is not designed for youngsters who are aggressive, violent, or sexually inappropriate.

Woodhouse Academy is a Connecticut State Department of Education approved special education program.

For further information, please contact Barbara Feldman at (203) 877-9121 or visit our website at www.woodhouseacademy.com.