Astor Services for Children & Families


Since 1953, Astor Services for Children & Families has been providing behavioral and educational services offering children the opportunity to meet life’s challenges, pursue their dreams, and reach their full potential. The Astor Learning Center (ALC) provides a nurturing learning environment where children who have often experienced failure in school can finally succeed. The ALC provides an atmosphere conducive to learning.

This includes:

  • Small class sizes of six to eight students.
  • High student/teacher ratios of one teacher and two teacher assistants/class enhance learning.
  • Well-equipped, large classrooms with large windows.
  • Large wide hallways with windows that provide great lighting, where students’ artworks are displayed on a rotating basis throughout the year.
  • A computer lab.

Additional services provided:

  • Intensive speech/language, occupational and counseling/therapy, and other specialized services as needed by the student, are part of the program.
  • Social skills training, where children are taught lessons on how to manage their emotions and learn better coping skills.


Carleen Flynn, CSE Coordinator
Tel:  (845) 871-1016

Astor Services for Children & Families
6339 Mill Street
Rhinebeck, NY 12572