Timberline Knolls Academy

School Description

Strong women: May we know them, May we raise them, May we be them.”

Mission: The participation in a structured academic environment plays an important role in the developmental needs of an adolescent. It is our belief that students can learn, achieve, and be responsible when they are active members in a dynamic therapeutic community that models excellence in mental health
treatment and academic/social learning.

Philosophy: Timberline Knolls Academy (TK Academy) seeks to establish a warm and supportive classroom environment. The students are encouraged to take positive risks, evaluate their own work and behavior, and monitor their choices internally thereby developing an improved sense of self.

Curriculum: TK Academy is an Illinois State Board of Education-approved residential school that involves a three-part program of individualized/group therapy, residential/lodge living, and education. TK Academy follows a quarter-based academic calendar and offers a six-week summer program in accordance with the Illinois State Board of Education. Each student meets with TK Academy staff to develop her own Individualized Education Plan in order to achieve her academic goals. All classes are aligned to Illinois State Standards, National Standards, grade level promotion and the exit criteria required for graduation from each student’s home school district. TK Academy is well-positioned to meet the challenges of a dynamic behavioral healthcare and educational environment by providing learning opportunities to traditional, alternative and lodge-restricted students. The school day presents a combination of challenging academics, personal and emotional growth opportunities, and practical learning experiences. Students also have access to resources that enable them to participate in varied learning activities that develop their academic, artistic, physical and social skills.

Students Served

Social /Emotional Disorders, Learning Disabilites   Ages 12 -21
as part of their residential stay for behavioral healthcare needs.

Services Provided

Primary Therapy, Family Therapy, Art Therapy, Equine Therapy, Educational Services


Carrie Finazzo, Principal
40 Timberline Drive
Lemont, IL 60439

Website:   www.timberlineknolls.com