The Deron School of New Jersey


Established in 1967, The Deron School of New Jersey is a New Jersey Special Education School. Deron’s programs provide for academic, social and emotional growth at both the elementary and secondary High School school-age levels, with each program tailored to the students’ ages and developmental needs.

With the primary goal of preparing students for successful, productive futures, the Deron School provides the tools and learning environment to assist them in achieving their highest personal level of skill and independence. Our school facilities offer Special Needs Elementary and Special Needs High School programs.

As a Special Needs School, The Deron School offers a continuum of programs in academics, fine & gross motor coordination, and social & independent living skills, as well as an extensive transition program. Extended school year (summer school) programs are offered at both schools.

Following the State of NJ Core Curriculum Standards, Deron’s curriculums are adapted to allow for student success at various ability levels. Our schools located in Montclair, New Jersey, Essex County and Union, New Jersey in Union County serve students in the surrounding areas that include, Passaic County, Bergen County and Morris County.

Students/Disabilities Served:

Deron I: - Union (ages 5-21) - Students with LEARNING DISABILITIES - Students with AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS

Deron II: Montclair (ages 13-21) - Students with LEARNING DISABILITIES, - Students with AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS

Contact Information:

Deron I: LouAnn Trifiolis, Principal (908)206-0444,

Deron II: Chastity Rivera, Principal (973)509-2777,