Life Development Institute

Description:A Transition Program for At Risk Older Teens and Young Adults to Help Them Realize a Future Inspired by Personal Purpose and Worth Achieving

Our Mission:is to offer innovative experiential learning and a practical, supportive transition process to adult living.

Our Program Philosophy: LDI is dedicated to providing our students with opportunities to challenge themselves to learn, take healthy risks, and grow emotionally, functionally, and professionally.

About Us: Life Development Institute (LDI) is a 501 (c)(3) not-for profit organization and NCA CASI accredited program that has been helping young adults and families since 1983. 

  • Serves young men and women between the ages of 17 and 30.
  • Addresses a variety of learning, behavioral and psychological
    conditions referred to as "hidden disabilities" including ADHD, Asperger's syndrome, LD, depression, bipolar, anxiety, PTSD, etc.
  • Embraces a functional, strength-based service approach in a
    non-clinical/non-treatment environment with "supportive"
    therapeutic/counseling services.
  • Therapy/counseling provided by credentialed/licensed therapists
    and clinicians.
  • Weekly individual and twice monthly group therapy across all
    adult relationship settings, separating drama from reality, life adjustment assistance, paraphrasing meaning & intent.
  • Parent workshops that are focused on letting go, supporting
    their adult child through the program process, understanding the condition/impact to adult life of hidden disabilities, transition in/out of LDI.
  • Non-segregated residential living community in an open apartment
    complex setting. This inclusive integration promotes the process of acting and behaving appropriately as any other adult living on their own.

Make a difference: Make a living
The Millennial generation is one of tremendous idealism, and does not see any contradiction with wanting to do well, build wealth, and pursue big purposes. This powerhouse of young adults has demonstrated their service- mindedness and desire to make a difference as over 50% have been engaged in community volunteer projects.

In order for our country to address all the challenges to our energy needs, educational vitality, inventive creativity, and aging infrastructure their idealism is not something to be dismissed- it is something precious to be developed, honed, and brought into balance with the want of doing well and doing for others.

Who will show you the way?
LDI realizes that pressures from globalization of employment and the diverse social demands of the workplace means that success hinges on functioning in a more demanding cognitive environment.

In order to thrive ALL people, not just those with hidden disabilities, are compelled to become better at absorbing, processing, and combining information.

Our instruction, community linkages, and career development strategies relate to the actual marketplace conditions of the world of work and adult living. Thus, they are not purely academic, disability-oriented or treatment-centered in focus. Rather, the class and community approach used by LDI embraces personal development/competency through and in the adult community. LDI students close the "dysfunction gap"- the distance between their past behaviors/performance and expected functional standards of the outside adult community.


Life Development Institute
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