Springall Academy


Springall Academy is a private, non-profit school for special education. Our purpose is to develop each individual’s academic, social abilities, and self-esteem to the point where a student may successfully re-enter the mainstream of public education and the community.

Springall Academy is certified by the California Department of Education as a nonpublic school and we contract with districts throughout San Diego County. Our school programs and services implement each student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP), a plan that is created with the help of the child's parents or guardians by the IEP team in the student's home school district. This team refers students to Springall Academy.

Students Served:

Springall Academy is a day school, which serves students from ages 5 through 21 who have the kinds of learning disabilities and behavioral problems that contribute to frustration and failure in regular school settings. The Academy can help many children whose problems are rooted in improper neurological development, which may take the form of dyslexia, hyperactivity, attention disorder, or other manifestations. When learning becomes so difficult that students cannot succeed, their sense of frustration is often expressed in behavioral problems, low self-esteem, psychological tensions, or negative relationships.  Such students have special needs and Springall Academy has developed a quality educational experience to serve them.

Services Provided:

Springall Academy staff members are well qualified and dedicated individuals who demonstrate outstanding ability in working together to meet the individual needs of students. Services include counseling, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, adaptive physical education, school-to-life transition, and behavior support planning and intervention. Teachers credentialed in special education provide instruction in core curriculum subject areas typically offered in school. The environment is highly structured with close supervision. Extra-curricular activities including sports, yearbook, field trips, clubs, and school newspaper help students learn and appeal to individual interests and strengths. Access to computers is provided in every classroom and in the school’s computer lab.

Contact Information:

Dr. Arlene Baker, Executive Director
Springall Academy
6460 Boulder Lake Avenue
San Diego, CA 92119
Phone: 619-460-5090
Fax: 619-460-5091 FAX