Sister Georgine School


The Sister Georgine School is a non profit charitable and educational corporation organized under the N.J.S.A. 15A:1 1 et seq. for the primary purpose of educating pupils with educational disabilities.

The School was founded under the auspices of The Most Rev. George Ahr, Bishop of Trenton, and at the direction of The Reverend Thomas Frain, the Diocesan Superintendent of Schools.  It was known as the Diocesan Learning Center.  In 1974, after the untimely death of Sister Georgine, the Learning Center was renamed the SISTER GEORGINE LEARNING CENTER FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN.  The Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia administer the school with a dedicated and supportive lay faculty.  It was incorporated in 1984.  The president of the Corporation is the Bishop of Trenton.  The school is operated under the auspices of the Diocese of Trenton and is affiliated with the Office of Catholic Education.

The program of the School is governed by a Board of Trustees in accord with N.J.S.A. 15A:1 1 et seq. and its Bylaws.

The program is approved by the New Jersey State Department of Education.

Sister Georgine School abides by the laws as stated in NJAC6A:14-7.2 4(i) that the program and services offered to the students with disabilities are nonsectarian and in compliance with NJSA18A-46-1 et all, NJAC6A:14 and the Rehabilitation Act Section 504.

Mission Statement:

Sister Georgine School is a private school founded by the Diocese of Trenton and committed to provide a program that will promote the dignity, growth, and well-being of each student, through the provision of services for the education and training of students who are cognitive impaired, communication impaired, and multiple disabled ages 6 through 21.


We believe Sister Georgine School can offer an opportunity for a child/young adult to become an independent, self-sufficient, productive member of society according to ability.  Each child/young adult has constitutional rights to an education that provides for functional academics, vocational, and pre-employment training.  Emphasis will be placed on social, behavioral, and moral values.

We believe that with encouragement and positive environment, each child/young adult can discover giftedness and capabilities at various levels.

We affirm that parents are the primary educators of their child/young adult and their shared vision is vital for the total school program.

Goal Statement:

It is our goal that the students of Sr. Georgine School become independent and productive individuals in the community, able to make concrete decisions and live a meaningful life.

Services Provided:

Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Physical Education, Health, Family Life, Speech Therapy

Contact Information:

Sr. Barbara Furst
180B Ewingville Road
Ewing, NJ  08638
Telephone: 609-771-4300