Pavilion Foundation School


The Pavilion Foundation School serves students who have been identified with the primary disability of Behavior/Emotional Disorder, Specific Learning Disability, Other Health Impairment, Traumatic Brain Injury, Autism, and/or Mental Retardation.  The Pavilion Foundation School is licensed by the State of Illinois under Section 14-702 of the Illinois School Code and provides services to students ages 7 through 19 years in its Day School Program, and students 11 through 18 years in its Residential Program.

The program is designed for 30 residential students and 60 day students. These students are referred by the responsible school district due to the severe and profound nature of their disabilities. Only students who, even with modification of both the curriculum and the educational environment, and with the use of supplementary aides and services, are not able to be successful in regular special education programs are eligible for our program. It has been determined by the respective multidisciplinary teams of our students that the Pavilion Foundation School is the least restrictive educational placement for these students.

Our program has a maximum class size of 10 students and is staffed with a certified special education teacher and teacher assistant. Additional services offered to our students are School Social Worker, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Behavior Interventionists, Adaptive PE Teacher,  Speech Pathologist, Tutors and a full vocational program.

Contact Information:

Pavilion Foundation School
810 W Church
Champaign, IL 612820

Phone # 217-373-1889
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Frederick C. Kubicek - Principal
Phone: 217-373-1774