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EDUCATION PROGRAM- The Center's private, not for profit School Program for children with developmentally based physical disabilities begins with a Pre-School for ages 3 and up, and then moves through Primary, Intermediate and Upper School levels. All levels of the program are approved by the New Jersey Department of Education.

The school programs are developed to implement each child's Individual Education Plan, a plan that is created with the help of the child's parents or guardians by the Child Study Team in the student's home school district. Referrals to the school program are made by this team.

At 1st Cerebral Palsy, students with physical disabilities receive Physical, Occupational and Speech and Language therapies.

Academics play an important role, with teachers using tools that address an individual child's learning disabilities.

Access to computer learning is also emphasized, with internet able computers in each classroom, and a computer lab for individualized instruction with appropriate adaptive equipment.

Finally, an adaptive physical education program challenges each student to develop a variety of athletic skills, and to compete with other disabled children using these skills.

Following our agency's mission, the school programs emphasize throughout:

  • Mobility
  • Literacy
  • Communication Skills
  • Self Care
  • Community Integration

RESIDENTIAL DEPARTMENT - The past year brought about several defining moments in the residential department. Over the past two years many local, state and federal standards were modified. With these changes brought about much publicized state - wide scrutiny of the new systems and the growing residential waiting list. Here at the 1st Cerebral Palsy of New Jersey we continued to deliver quality housing, opportunities to increase independence, and community inclusion.

Our vision within the department remains progressive and fosters the growth of the individuals served. We have renewed our commitment to increase community inclusion and teach necessary skills. These skills will enable persons to live more independently in a setting suitable to their needs. I believe the new Federal and State guidelines fall into our vision here at the 1st Cerebral Palsy of New Jersey.

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