Devereux Arizona

Description: Students are referred to the Devereux Day School when the severity of their educational and emotional needs cannot be addressed within the local education community.  Full-time emotional support programming is offered for children and adolescents with emotional difficulties, including difficulty establishing and maintaining relationships, instability of mood and temperament, and difficulty following classroom and school rules and expectations.  Students often present with learning difficulties including specific learning disorders.  The Day School is licensed to educate students who have a diagnosis of social/emotional disturbance, mild retardation or neurological impairment, and substance abuse. Students’ educational classifications include mild mental retardation, emotional disturbances, speech and language impairments, specific learning disability and other health impairments.

Students/Disabilities Served: Autism; Emotional Disability/Emotional Disability Private, Multiple Disabilities; Mild Mental Retardation; Moderate Mental Retardation; Orthopedic Impairment; Other Health Impairment; Specific Learning Disability; Traumatic Brain Injury; Non-Special Ed Grades K-12

Services Provided: Counseling, Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy, and School psychologist

Contact Information:  Devereux Arizona
Jennifer Cherry
6436 E. Sweetwater Ave.
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Phone: 480-443-5590 - phone
Fax: 480-998-0642 - fax