American School for the Deaf

Description:  Founded in 1817, ASD is the nation’s first special education school and the leader in providing comprehensive education programs and services for deaf and hard-of-hearing people from birth through adulthood. As a residential as well as day school, it is the only school in Connecticut exclusively devoted to serving deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals, their families, and the organizations and institutions that serve them. Through its programs and services, ASD enables deaf and hard-of-hearing citizens of all ages to lead rich, productive lives as participating, contributing members of society.

Students/Disabilities Served:  Deaf and Hard of Hearing ages 3-21, including those with additional disabilities. Alternative education for students with emotional-behavioral disorders is also available. Additionally, ASD offers Birth to Three services through its Early Childhood Intervention program, as well as employment training and support through Adult Vocational Services.

Services Provided:  Comprehensive evaluation and assessment services through the Children’s Center. Instructional emphasis is placed on all aspects of student’s ability to acquire literacy and independent living skills. Other services included instruction in communication skills, cochlear implant support, counseling, occupational and physical therapy, “sister school” arrangements with local public schools and other mainstream opportunities. Family education activities such as sign language classes, parent support groups and family events are available. ASD offers residential services.

Contact Information:  Fern Reisinger, Director of Education
American School for the Deaf
139 North Main Street
West Hartford, CT  06107
Phone:  860.570.2300
Fax: 860.570.2301