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New to the Pack: Elementary School Gets a Therapy Dog

September 03, 2021

There’s a brand new addition to the Roosevelt Elementary School staff with four legs and a wet nose. Teddy, a one-year-old whoodle, is the new therapy dog to the Mason City School District. He is joining four other therapy dogs in the district. The purpose of Teddy’s work is interacting with a range of kids and helping with their emotional and mental needs. Tara Truex, Teddy’s handler and a special education teacher, says he has been excited to get to work with the students for a while now. “If I let him out, he’s right by the car door and I have to tell him today’s not the day,” said Truex. Superintendent Dave Versteeg said in order for someone in the district to bring a dog into a school, they must follow the policy laid out by the district to certify their dog is trained in therapy. This policy helps prevent family pets from coming to school, according to Versteeg. Read More