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Special Education Legal Alert

By Perry A. Zirkel

© June 2018

This monthly legal alert addresses an IDEA issue and a Section 504 issue.  First is the summary of a recent federal appellate court decision concerning the IDEA’s LRE mandate.  The second is a recently published article reporting the national and state-by-state percentages of “504-only” students.  For automatic e-mailing of future legal alerts, sign up at perryzirkel.com; this website also provides free downloads of various related articles, including the two summarized in this legal alert.

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    Book Review: For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood…and the Rest of Y’all Too

    (Reality Pedagogy in Urban Education)

    By Devon Daulton


    For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood…and the Rest of Y’all Too serves as a transformative call to inclusion and accountability in urban education systems. The purpose of this review is to reiterate a deeper social issue that pours into our school systems and fosters discrimination. Emdin’s reality pedagogy focuses on the need for educators and curriculums to celebrate different cultures and reflect that of students’ communities. The core of this reading urges teachers and administrators from different backgrounds, grade levels, general/special education, and socioeconomic status to acknowledge an issue of assimilation and discover ways in which to teach impartially.

    Emdin, C. (2017). For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood ... and the Rest of Yall Too Reality Pedagogy and Urban Education. Beacon Pr. 208 pp. $16.00

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      Building Collaborative Partnerships Among Community, Home, and School

      By Danielle Williams


      School professionals must take intentional steps to develop and nurture collaborative relationships with students’ families, particularly those who are culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD).  When CLD families participate in their children’s education, it can produce a cascade of positive effects including increased student achievement and parent confidence. Practical strategies for increasing CLD parent involvement such as offering creative programming in convenient and friendly locations, integrating churches and community organizations into school events, and planning meetings that are respectful of cultural beliefs and facilitate mutual understanding are discussed.

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          Book Review: Helping Children Succeed

          By Samantha Ashley Forrest

          Tough, Paul. Helping Children Succeed. New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, 2016. pp. 128. $18.99 (hardback). ISBN: 978-0-544-93528-0.

          In continuum of the success of How Children Succeed, Paul Tough elaborates on the topic of what works and why it works to help guide educational leadership towards helping children succeed despite uncontrolled variables. Paul Tough is a successful author, who has been on the New York Times best sellers list for his publication on various topics, such as education, poverty, and politics. He has done research on Harlem Children’s Zone, school systems after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, No Child Left Behind Act, and charter schools in America

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              Parental Advocacy and Involvement

              By Nathalee Reyes


              In this review of the literature, the effects that parental and family advocacy has on special education. This paper will address what is parental advocacy, how to help parents be more involved, and why parent advocacy is important in education. Another topic to be discussed is how family advocacy can affect the services and benefits that the child receives. The relationship between advocacy and cultural background will be addressed.

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                Book Review: Future Focused Leaders Relate Innovate, and Invigorate for Real Educational Change

                By Jodie Ray

                Ziegler, Bill, and David Ramage. Future Focused Leaders Relate, Innovate, and Invigorate for Real Educational Change. Corwin, a SAGE Company, 2017. 192 pp. $33.95.

                In Future Focused Leaders Relate, Innovate, and Invigorate for Real Educational Change Bill Ziegler and David Rampage provide a comprehensive guide to empower educational leaders to make sustainable changes that will ultimately prepare students and educators for the future. Ziegler and Rampage focused on three domains, Relate, Innovate and Invigorate. In their book, the authors provide the reader with a compilation of school leaders’ stories, in order to encourage and equip future leaders and educators with strategies to successfully implement necessary changes in their own schools.

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                    From the Latest Issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals (JAASEP):

                    Social Skills and Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities: Can Community Based Instruction Help?

                    By Carissa Hernandez, M.A.

                    Saili S. Kulkarni, Ph.D.

                    California State University Dominguez Hills


                    The purpose of this research study was to determine how Community Based Instruction (CBI) affects the social skills of middle school students with moderate to severe disabilities.  Existing literature is limited in findings related to the influence of CBI on middle school students with moderate to severe disabilities. This qualitative study was completed using interviews and observations. Participants included students, teachers, and paraprofessionals from a middle school in Southern California.  The findings of this study are intended to support the use of CBI in middle school special education classrooms and to demonstrate how a functional program can improve the social skills of students with moderate to severe disabilities.  Educators and administrators who may want more information on CBI and its benefits may also utilize the findings.

                    Keywords: Community Based Instruction (CBI), severe disabilities, Autism

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                      Book Review: Building a Better Teacher: How Good Teaching Works (and How to Teach it to Everyone)

                      By Zoe Lovay

                      Elizabeth Green’s Building a Better Teacher: How Teaching Works (and How to Teach It to Everyone) is an exceptional book that deserves a wide audience. I found this book very insightful and engaging, and it has the potential to change public discussions of teacher education for the better. Education as a whole has grown and evolved very quickly, and there aren't enough courses to prepare novice and veteran teachers to become experts. Just because you consider yourself a "dinosaur teacher" does not mean you're an expert...after all, dinosaurs are extinct.

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                        Latest Employment Opportunities Posted on NASET

                        *Early Childhood Special Education Teacher - Provides research-based specialized instruction to address the instructional goals and objectives contained within each student's IEP. Assesses student progress and determines the need for additional reinforcement or adjustments to instructional techniques. Employs various teaching techniques, methods and principles of learning to enable students to meet their IEP goals. To learn more - Click here

                        *Head of School - The Parish School www.parishschool.org is a private, non-profit, coeducational school, for children ages 2-12, with a maximum enrollment of 150. The person chosen to assume the Head of School will be offered an extraordinary opportunity.  This national search will identify a candidate who will inherit a qualified and tenured faculty, devoted families, and excellent institutional reputation.  To learn more - Click here

                        *Special Education Teachers - The Teacher is responsible for providing an educational atmosphere where students have the opportunity to fulfill their potential for intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological growth. This person is responsible for organizing and implementing an instructional program that will maximize the learning experience of students with special needs, in academics, interpersonal skills and activities of daily living by implementing district approved curriculum; documenting teaching and student progress/activities, outcomes; addressing students’ specific needs; providing a safe and optimal learning environment. To learn more - Click here

                        *Special Ed Teachers/Special Ed Lead Teachers - $1000 sign on payable. Maintains an up-to-date, in-field certificate issued by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission; salary and length of contract to be established by the Board of Education. To plan for and to provide appropriate learning experiences and educational opportunities for students with disabilities assigned to the classroom. To learn more - Click here

                        *PRESIDENT - St. Rita School for the Deaf - The President provides leadership to achieve the fullest attainment of the mission of St. Rita School for the Deaf (SRSD). The President serves as an administrative officer of the Board of Limited Jurisdiction and serves on the board as ex-officio member without vote. The President is the overall leader and facilitator of the school and bears ultimate responsibility for the integration of faith and culture, consistent with the mission and core values of St. Rita School for the Deaf. To learn more - Click here

                        *Science Test Developer, Alernate Assessment -The Science Test Developer will lead state assessment projects and tasks that include the development and management of Science Assessment programs. Responsibilities include: Managing the review, revision, and delivery of Science test items and ensuring item quality. To learn more - Click here

                        *Special Education Teachers-All Areas - Stafford County Public Schools is actively seeking certified Special Education-All Areas Teachers for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year. We also offer Travel Reimbursement for out of state applicants available ONLY with a signed contract. To learn more - Click here

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