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Alpha School, Harbor School and The Gateway School operate as private day schools, approved by the N.J.
Department of Education, providing an enhanced alternative program to the public school districts for students
with disabling conditions. The programs provide an individualized and holistic approach to meet the functional
academic and behavioral needs of the most challenging students from sending districts. We provide a nurturing
and supportive environment to address the following needs of our students:

  • Academics
  • Functional academics
  • Life skills
  • Social skills
  • Speech & Language skills
  • Gross & Fine Motor skills
  • Community-living skills
  • Career and Transition skills

Our goal is to provide an individualized learning environment the total development of each student and prepares them for future adult settings. By building academic and social skills, increasing student motivation, and bolstering self-esteem, students are prepared for re-entry into public education whenever possible. For those who continue to require our enhanced program, added emphasis is placed on the acquisition of life skills.

Our objective is to provide each child with a solid foundation that serves as the basis for future success. This
educational experience offers a definite advantage in preparing students with disabling conditions to lead
satisfying, productive and independent lives. Students served by the schools are classified in need of Special Education and Related Services. Their educational classifications include, but are not limited to, Autistic, Communication Impaired, Cognitively Impaired, Multiply Disabled, Other Health Impaired and Learning Disabled. Out multiple locations offer easy access to a large geographic area in central and northern New Jersey.

Educational Program

Students are instructed using multi-sensory techniques and materials to allow for different student learning
preferences and to enhance the ability of students to fully absorb learning objectives.

  • Specialized curriculum based on the Core Standards
  • Student-teach ratios of 1:1 to 3:1
  • ABA methodologies
  • Canter's Assertive Discipline techniques
  • Small class size of 6-11 students
  • Highly qualified instructional staff
  • Individual and small group instruction

Academic Programs

The school academic program covers all of the following subject areas:

  • Literacy/Reading
  • Language Arts
  • Handwriting
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • World Language
  • Science
  • Computers
  • Health

Certified teachers assisted by trained paraprofessionals provide individualized and small group instruction in small class setting. A multi-sensory approach is used with individualized and modified techniques. A wide variety of materials are used to help each child to reach his or her full academic potential.

Some of the standard educations programs, as well as state-of-the-art-programs, that are used:

  • Edmark Reading Program
  • Milestones Reading Program
  • PCI Reading Program
  • Wilson Reading Program
  • Discrete Trial Trainer
  • Intellitools
  • Spectrum Math
  • Touch Point Math
  • Unique Learning Systems
  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • Steck Vaugh Material
  • Low Level High Interest Materials

Special Subject Areas

Adaptive Physical Education

The overall health, fitness level and physical growth of the students are the focus of the adaptive physical
education program. Age and skill level-appropriate goals are developed utilizing a wide variety of equipment,
progressions, and activities.

Intramural sports Include:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Floor Hockey
  • Softball
  • Track
  • Swim Program


Music classes feature exploring different styles, history, composers, and performers. A strong emphasis is placed on self expression through participation in a variety of highly motivating activities which enhance social skills development through:

  • School-wide performances featuring students' unique talents
  • Instrumental and vocal instruction
  • Choreography/movement


Inspiration is the key for every artistic work produced in art class. Each student is given the opportunity to create their own style and use art as a means of expression. The program features:

  • Exposure to different art styles, principles, techniques
  • Pocket calendar highlighting student art
  • Annual art exhibits
  • Artwork featured at local museum
  • The program was featured in "I Am An Artist" film documentary

Related Services

Related services are integral component of the education team, Nursing, Counseling, Occupational, Speech and
Physical Therapy Services are provided based on child's individual needs as recommended in their IEP (Individual Education Program).

Services include:

  • Utilization of dynamic treatment model
  • Collaborative use of physical, communication and health strategies
  • Staff/parent training in special techniques
  • Individual/small group sessions available
  • Collaborative team meetings with classroom staff


  • Skilled nursing care provided by registered nurses
  • Instruction in health promotion and disease prevention by certified school nurse
  • Health screenings provided annually
  • Administration of medications and first aid procedures included

Occupational Therapy

  • Life skills, pre-vocational, as well as academic readiness abilities are addressed
  • Sensory motor, perceptual motor and fine motor skills are the treatment focus
  • Classroom seating and positioning for educational success included
  • Development of modifications for independence in handwriting/self-care

Physical Therapy

  • Functional mobility skills addresses as they relate to the educational environment
  • Training in gross motor coordination skills
  • Balance and strength training included with development of home programs
  • Orthopedic concerns are an area of focus

Speech Therapy

A total communication approach is utilized to facilitate effective interactions with others. Methods utilized
including the following:

  • Verbalization, gestures, sign language
  • Picture communication in symbols/Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS)
  • Voice output communication aids (VOCA)
  • Oral motor interventions


  • A licensed school social worker is available to assist with developing appropriate behavior and social skills
  • Individual/Group sessions provided
  • Emphasis on developing coping skills with positive supports

Life Skills

Besides the academic nature of the school programs, students are instructed in practical and functional living skills in order to prepare them for future adult environments in the home, community and work. These programs include:

  • Pre-vocational skills
  • Career exploration
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Community-Based Instruction
  • Self-Care skills
  • Leisure and recreational skills
  • Functional math, such learning time and money skills
  • Functional reading, such as learning to complete job applications and read bus schedules
  • Work-related behaviors
  • Shopping skills
  • Cooking skills
  • Laundry skills

School to Work Transition Program

Our program provides mandated and essential "school to work" transition services for 14 to 21-year old students. Each school employs a dedicated Structured Learning Experience Coordinator. We provide classroom instruction in:

  • Academic Survival Skills
  • Career Possibilities
  • The Job Application Process
  • Appropriate Social Skills
  • Activities of Daily Living

Our program provides the student with the experience of working at a job with the school setting. Each student is provided with on-the-job training. The student's time at work is recorded and his or her job performance is
evaluated. This work experience helps the students to develop the work and social skills that are necessary prior to their placement at a job site in the local community. The students gain school-based work experience in the following areas:

  • Maintenance Services
  • Office and Clerical Work
  • Delivery Services
  • Inventory of Supplies
  • Development of Small Businesses
  • Food Services
  • Cashier Skills
  • Sales Associates

Students are given the opportunity to work at a local participating business that has agreed to partner with us.
Our staff works closely with the personnel of each business prior to and during the job placement. An Employment Specialists from our staff accompanies each student to the job site to assist them in performing their required tasks. They also ensure appropriate interactions with co-workers and a supervisor. The students gain community based work experience at the following types of work sites:

  • Offices
  • Retail Stores
  • Chain Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Libraries
  • Plant Nursery

The school staff is committed to assisting students in acquiring the skills that will enable them to live independently, to be actively involved in their communities and be able to find employment and the appropriate supports.

Contact Information:

Anne Gunteski
Harbor School
240 Broad Street
Eatontown, NJ

School Website: harborschool.com

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