The Gillen Brewer School

The Gillen Brewer School

A Mission of Excellence

In 1992, Laura Bilicic and Laurie DuBos, two special education teachers, founded The Gillen Brewer School. The inspiration for this founding was the overwhelming need for a school in New York City where the children with the most challenging and severe disabilities and their families would be welcomed, educated and supported. The founders firmly believed that a knowledgeable and informed family is invaluable to each child's overall education. In the spirit of this commitment to family, the school is named after the co-founders' grandmothers Mattie Gillen and Virginia Brewer.

Gillen Brewer strives to maintain a diverse population of children from all socio-economic backgrounds.

Our Philosophy

Given an intimate, nurturing environment and a talented team of committed specialists, all children can learn.

Founded in 1992, The Gillen Brewer School (GBS) is one of the few schools in New York City dedicated to transforming the lives of young children with a wide variety of language, emotional, developmental, learning and health-related disabilities. The school specializes in educating children with challenging, and often multiple disabilities including language-based and non-verbal learning disabilities.

Gillen Brewer is one of the only schools that works with children beginning at the pre-school level who have multiple disabilities. Gillen Brewer embodies a comprehensive and thoughtful approach that sets the school apart and which includes a particular set of distinguishing factors.

Gillen Brewer prides itself on its mission to provide services for a diverse group of children from all socio-economic backgrounds.

Gillen Brewer provides Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Pathology and Counseling services.

Contact Information

The Gillen Brewer School
410 E. 92nd Street
New York, NY, 10128
Phone: 212-831-3667

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