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Exceptional Education Teacher

May 04, 2023

Chattanooga, TN


*Sign on bonuses of $8,000*

Hamilton County Schools, located in Chattanooga, TN, is building the best school district in Tennessee. We are committed to excellence for every student and are seeking outstanding teachers with the ability to inspire, engage, and who desire to make a difference in the lives of students.  With nearly 80 schools located in urban, rural, and suburban communities, we are confident that you can find your place in Hamilton County. The purpose of this job is to ensure that students with disabilities learn and achieve at their highest potential. The main goals of an Exceptional Education teacher are to identify the individual needs of each child and create a healthy, inspiring and supportive learning environment. The Exceptional Education teacher is to be a connector to core instruction, a case manager, liaison to parents, coordinator of supports and services, collector of data, and respond to student needs. The Exceptional Education teacher continually models learning so students can achieve their highest potential by participating in learning to the greatest extent possible. This teacher will be responsible for providing academic and behavior support to provide students with access to tier 1 instruction and perform on standard assessments and alternate assessments with proficiency.


  1. Teach groups of students and individuals in separate locations and general education settings based on the IEP service provisions for students based on student need.  Teach credit bearing classes for students eligible for participation in standard and alternate assessment. 

  2. Coordinate the development of individual instruction plans for students, including developmental and sequential short-term objectives leading to the achievement of goals specified in the IEP. 

  3. Participate in the referral and evaluation processes 

  4. Manage a caseload of students who are eligible to participate in the standard assessments and alternate assessments

  5. Prepare and deliver lessons and resources in support of student IEPs and approved Hamilton County curriculum.

  6. Conduct ongoing data collection on all IEP goals and objectives. 

  7. Develop and adapt individualized teaching methods that are suitable for each of their student’s unique needs while ensuring compliance with the student’s IEP.

  8. Assess student work to provide timely feedback and inform instructional decisions.

  9. Collaborate with general education and other exceptional education teachers to plan for and provide specially designed instruction. 

  10. Work in collaboration with related service providers to access and utilize special tools and assistive technology when necessary.  Request support and assistance from specialized resource personnel when appropriate.

  11. Provide consultation to other educational personnel as appropriate

  12. Facilitate IEP meetings including parents/guardians as full members of IEP teams.

  13. Monitor student progress and update individualized educational programs

  14. Participate and conduct reviews of student progress

  15. Hold and attend regular parental conferences

  16. Develop and implement transition programming for students age 14 plus

  17. Work in collaboration with related service providers for students with communication disorders to teach and implement specialized communication systems

Other Duties and Responsibilities:

  • May include providing general physical assistance to students with various disabilities. Tasks may involve, but are not limited to, assisting students with toileting/feeding/other self-help and behavioral needs. 

  • Participate in training programs related to delivery of IEPs or curriculum 

  • Maintain all required special education records, ensuring that they are complete, accurate and within all timelines.  

  • Attends work and arrives to work on time.

  • Maintains confidentiality.

  • Adheres to the Teacher Code of Ethics as defined by Tennessee Law

  • Additional duties as assigned.


  • Teaching candidates must hold a valid state of Tennessee teaching certification in Special Education. If you hold a teaching license in another state, you must apply for a Tennessee teaching license

  • Candidates must hold a bachelor's degree.

  • Knowledge of IDEA, current state special education rules and regulations, and compliance addressing programming, assessment and procedural safeguards for students with disabilities.

  • Experience working with students with mild to moderate disabilities in a school setting

  • Technology skills to facilitate implementation of academic and/or behavior intervention programs, in addition to a variety of technology platforms.

  • Exceptional organizational and communication skills to facilitate teaching, assessment, meeting and data management responsibilities including EasyIEP.

  • Experience with administration and interpretation of standard assessments and alternate assessments.

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