UNIT 3 - Client Intake and Initial Meeting with Parents as a Special Education Advocate

"Client intake" refers to the process through which a special education advocate gathers information from potential clients at the beginning of representation. This initial step is crucial for establishing a strong working relationship and understanding the details of the client's needs. Unit 3 will focus on the client intake and explain:

  • Initial Contact by the Client
  • Obtain Basic Information
  • Understand the Nature of the Issue
  • Determine Any Conflicts of Interest
  • Set Up an Initial Consultation with the Client
  • Documentation Review
  • Determine Special Education Eligibility
  • Write an Engagement Letter or Agreement
  • Gather More Detailed Information
  • Strategy Development
  • Communication with the School District
  • Provide Ongoing Updates

Unit 3 will then provide you with an actual Client Intake Form specific to special education advocates. We conclude Unit 3 with a discussion on making a good first impression as a special education advocate, as this is crucial in building positive relationships with students, their families, school staff, and other stakeholders.

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