Requirements and Tuition Cost

Course requirement for Starting Your Business as a Special Education Advocate


There are no educational prerequisites to take this course. Please note that it is assumed that you are, or plan to be a special education advocate. Although we do not require it, we strongly encourage any candidate to receive the appropriate education and or certification to be a Special Education Advocate.


There are six units which must be studied to pass the examination and receive a certificate of completion. 

The Unit titles are as follows:

  • UNIT 1 - Creating a Business Plan
  • UNIT 2 - Choosing a Legal Structure
  • UNIT 3 - Client Intake and Initial Meeting with Parents
  • UNIT 4 - Billing and Payment for Services
  • UNIT 5 - Networking and Marketing
  • UNIT 6 - Managing Conflicts and Working with Difficult Clients

To learn more about what you will learn, use this link:  UNIT Summaries 

EXAMINATION REQUIREMENT  for  Starting Your Business as a Special Education Advocate

Within the final UNIT 6 is a link to the examination. The examination consist of 100 multiple choice questions. Every candidate must take the multiple-choice examination to receive a certificate of completion.  A score of 80% correct answers must be attained to pass the examination. 


Each candidate is expected to view and study the lectures provided for each of the 6 Units that are required to receive a certificate of completion.  The candidate will have online access to all 6 Units, each containing Video Lecture(s) with accompanying Power Point presentations. The expectation is that the candidate will proceed through the 6 Units in the numerical order as they are presented.


In order to adequately prepare for the required examination, the candidate has access to all the Unit materials.  In order to be best prepared for the examination, the candidate is encouraged to review all the unit materials presented.  A passing score on the examination will enable a certificate of completion that you can print and or save. You will have the option (additional $15 fee) to request a high quality certificate that is suitable for framing by contacting us at


A passing score of 80% correct answers must be attained to pass the examination. The candidate has the opportunity to take the examination up to three different times.


Currently, there are very few programs that provide you with the information needed to get started in a career as a special education advocate. Those that do exist, all cost considerably more than the NASET's tuition. NASET has the vast resources, materials, abilities, and expertise to provide you with the tools to start your own business as a special education advocate with a tuition fee that is much lower than any other organization or association in the country.

The tuition fee for this course is only $195 (NASET Members) or $250 (Non-Members). Also, unlike all other programs, there is also no application fee involved.

Our ability to provide the Starting Your Business as a Special Education Advocate course at a tuition that is far less than other groups is due to our extensive use of an online environment to present the course materials, thereby avoiding the costs of producing printed materials along with the associated shipping and handling costs. The course is also self paced, which allows you to start and complete the entire course at your pace. There are no scheduled start or end dates and you can begin studying within hours of receipt of your application.

Members of the National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) are entitled to discounted pricing.

NASET Member** - $195.00

Non Member         - $250.00   

** Active Members of National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET)

Optional High Quality Certificate (suitable for framing)

Upon successful completion of the exam, you will be able to view, print or save the certificate of completion. You can also purchase a high quality certificate of completion that we would create and mail to you. The total cost for this optional certificate is presently $15 


There is no renewal required for this course certificate.

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