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Understanding and Managing Emotional Problems in Children and Teenagers with Autism

December 23, 2022

The teacher’s voice broke as she relayed the events of the day that culminated in her having to evacuate the class away from my son. In addition to yelling at people, he had also been throwing chairs. “It breaks my heart because this behavior has consequences that prevent others from knowing who he really is, and what he is capable of. He is the sweetest kid–when he is sweet.” Emotional problems in autism can threaten our ability to see the whole person. How can we help our neurodivergent children with managing emotions, so that they can keep themselves and others safe, and show their amazing selves to the world? For this article I want to broaden our view on emotional development, emotion regulation skills, and how we can help our children with autism spectrum disorder cope in a general population that too often just doesn’t “get it”. Read More