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Teacher-IDEA Public Schools-Houston

July 19, 2021


Special Education Teacher -Full Time


Special Education Teacher Responsibilities:

  • Adapt lessons to meet the needs of students. Support coordination of related services for students on their caseload. Develop Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) 
  • Implement IEPs, assess students’ performance, and track their progress.
  • Update IEPs throughout the school year to reflect students’ progress and goals.
  • Assess students’ skills to determine their needs and to develop teaching plans.
  • Collect and analyze student data in order to make effective decisions to maximize achievement.
  • Discuss student’s progress with parents, teachers, counselors, and administrators.
  • Prepare and help students transition from grade to grade and after graduation.
  • Implement state learning standards and IDEA curricula and assessments to meet ambitious academic expectations. 
  • Submit weekly lesson plans two weeks in advance for feedback.
  • Implement formal and informal assessments to track each individual student’s progress and learning needs, adjust lesson plans accordingly and update gradebook weekly.
  • Communicate students’ progress with student and family on a weekly basis.
  • Effective facilitation and personal use of technology as a communication and educational tool to improve student achievement and manage work related tasks.
  • Implement a clear and consistent behavior management system that aligns to campus- wide initiatives while developing students’ character and sense of community in the classroom.
  • Help shape and develop a school wide culture that fosters a productive and enthusiastic learning environment for each student.
  • Establish and maintain a cooperative working relationship with students and families based on trust, understanding and respect for the communities in which they identify. 
  • Host necessary tutoring sessions to meet all students’ needs.
  • Participate in weekly manager check-ins, grade-level meetings, before and after-school duties, and school wide meetings and functions.
  • Engage in summer and year-long district, school and personal learning and development.
  • Minimum of 40+ hours spent at school per week.
  • Additional responsibilities may include: after-school tutoring or Saturday school and are based on the needs of our scholars.


  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited four-year educational institution
  • Experience: Experience in a Special Education classroom setting with students who have significant disabilities
  • Licenses or Certifications: valid state certification in Special Education and content is required

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Knowledge of curriculum and instruction
  • Ability to instruct students and manage student behavior
  • Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to adjust and adapt to a multitude of situations in the school environment
  • Ability to facilitate Admission, Review and Dismissal meetings
  • Strong family engagement and communication
  • Record of results for students who are academically at risk

Supervisory responsibilities:

  • Oversee the daily work and responsibilities of a Special Education Co-Teacher (para-professional) in the RISE classroom.


  • Starting teacher salary in Greater Houston is $56,000 with a stiped for Sped teacher that totals to 5500.00
  • This role is also eligible for various stipend opportunities and incentives through our Teacher Career Pathway. For more information about our total rewards, visit our benefits page.
  • Additional hourly compensation is provided for after school tutoring or Saturday school as assigned


Rasha Bradley
Talent Recruiter, IDEA Public Schools

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