NASET News Alert

Special Education Teacher

March 21, 2019

Akiachak, Alaska


1.      To assist in the screening and testing of students for potential learning problems.
2.      To observe and describe academic and social behaviors of students experiencing significant learning problems.
3.      To use various diagnostic tools to identify specific educational and behavioral problems of eligible students.
4.      To collect data and interpret relevant information from various sources on a child’s performance.
5.      To assist in designing goals and objectives for the Individualized Education Program with other Team Members.
6.      To select and/or modify instructional methods to promote successful learning of certified students.
7.      To confer with all individuals, including the students, when appropriate, in developing an Individualized Education Program.
8.      To implement specific educational and/or behavioral programs
9.      To assist in implementing educational and/or behavioral programs within the regular education classroom when appropriate.
10.     To assist in implementing in-service programs concerning instructional programming for the integrating of students into regular education classroom.
11.     To develop and manage the special education programs in collaboration with general education
12.     To provide appropriate instruction for identified students as specified in individual IEP’s
13.     To work as a part of the school team on school improvement and other activities
14.     To coordinate Special Education services within the building or village site, whichever is appropriate
15.     To attain and complete all necessary records on students who are referred to special education and receive special education services.
16.     To assure the implementation of IDEA in addition to the State of Alaska Special Education Regulations.
17.     To assure parents of students with disabilities receive parental rights and due process and are knowledgeable of these rights and procedures.
18.     To utilize the services of an interpreter when holding parent conferences, when appropriate.
19.     Monitor and supervise the Special Education paraprofessionals.
20.     To assist in the distribution of information regarding Child Find activities to the community and school staff.


1.      State of Alaska Type A Certificate with endorsement in Special Education
2.      Bachelor’s Degree required with Master’s Degree preferred.
3.      Must meet Highly Qualified Requirements for Special Education


This is an opportunity to work in rural bush Alaska. We offer teacher housing, health benefits, and a competitive salary. We have multiple openings for this position.


John Stackhouse, Business Manager