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March 19, 2019


K-12 Suburban District
2019-2020 School Year. Start Date July 1, 2019


New Jersey Supervisor
and Principal Certification required


Interested candidates should apply on the District website
under Employment Opportunities through Applitrack at:

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To plan, develop, implement, monitor and evaluate the Special Education, English as a Second Language Departments and Child Study Team in an educationally sound manner and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.  The Director will ensure that Special Education students achieve their highest potential in the least restrictive environment.  The Director will oversee and maintain proper records for all federal grants associated with these departments.

  • Certification and/or as Chief School Administrator (preferred) and Principal.
  • Master's degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Minimum of five (5) years experience in an administrative position within a public school district (preferred).
  • Minimum of five years experience as a teacher or school role directly involved with Special Services. 
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate in oral and written form with success in human relations skills.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the governance of education.
  • Experience in curriculum planning, implementation, and evaluation, and successful supervisory experience
  • Administrative experience in the operation of Autistic and Multiply Disabled Programs
  • Administrative experience with Special Education Budgets and Grants.
  • Advanced graduate work in areas of curriculum, supervision, administration and/or instructional practices.
  • Experience with evaluating certified teaching, CST members and non-certified members.
  • Experience with the direct oversight of various litigious special education cases.


  • Supervises the activities of the Child Study Team, office personnel and other members of the Special Education and English as a Second Language Departments.
  • Assists the Superintendent in developing and implementing policies, which recognize individual difference in children and in providing optimal learning and good mental health practices. 
  • With the Superintendent and Business Administrator the Director of Special Services will:
  • Assist in the development and control the annual budget for the Special Education and English as a Second Language Departments and the Child Study Team, makes budget and professional development recommendations for consideration of the Superintendent of Schools. The programs may be planned for school-wide or departmental in-service.
  • Identify priorities for program improvement based upon the analysis of data and achievement indicators.  Evaluates all Special Education programs, staff, facilities, learning activities and teaching practices, and reports such evaluation to the Superintendent. 
  • Assists in providing articulation with constituent districts relating to Special Education and English as a Second Language programs and services.
  • Recommends the purchase of supplies and texts, and participation of staff and students in conferences and field trips as they relate to Special Education and English as a Second Language Departments to the Superintendent of Schools.
  • Maintain an inventory of all department materials, textbooks and equipment and coordinate for adoption with recommendations and copies to be forwarded to the Superintendent of Schools and School Business Administrator.
  • Develops and implements procedures for referral, securing evaluation reports, and placement of Special Education students ensuring conclusion within the time limits recommended by the State Rules and regulations.  Assigns incoming or newly referred students to appropriate case manager.
  • Arranges through proper channels for transportation of all children placed in special classes.
  • Evaluates and prepares reports within the total school environment including recommendations for improvement and needed change of Special Education and English as a Second Language programs.

Along with the Principal:

  • Conducts interviews of candidates for positions in the Special Education and English as Second Language Departments and make recommendations to the Superintendent.
  • Checks pupil failures in the department to determine causes and work with teachers to address areas of improvement in conjunction with case managers
  • Attends meetings, conferences and workshops, which will enhance continued professional development relating to job description and Special Education and English as a Second Language Departments responsibilities.
  • Supervises the provision of services for homebound students in conjunction with the Special Services Department.
  • Evaluates teacher and Child Study Team performance through classroom visitation, written reports, conferences and annual performance reports and professional development plans.
  • Maintains a continuous liaison with human services agencies, facilitating parent involvement through workshops, newsletters, and other communication modes.
  • Maintains and control all Child Study Team records including:
  • Active file on all children of school age, presently receiving any type of special services, and,
  • Inactive file on all children who have received this service in the past.
  • Coordinates the due process procedures.
  • Attends regularly scheduled meetings with other administrative staff.
  • Performs such other duties and assumes such other responsibilities as the Superintendent of Schools may assign.

Interested candidates should apply on the District website
under Employment Opportunities through Applitrack at: