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Director of Diverse Learners/Special Education

Chicago, IL

Job Category: Special Education

Posted on July 24, 2018


  • Supervise, direct, coach SPED teachers
  • Supervise, direct, coach paraprofessionals
  • All diverse learning plans, IEP's, 504's, RSP's
  • MTSS coordination
  • Create/oversee all SpEd team structures
  • Coordinate/create SpEd teacher and para caseloads/schedules
  • Coordinate data collection of diverse learners and those referred for an initial evaluation from relevant parties
  • Support teachers on writing appropriate IEP/504/FBA documents
  • Support teachers in progress monitoring for IEPs
  • Attend all Chicago Public Schools SpEd policy meetings and communicate outcomes/updates to team
  • Coordinate with hospitals regarding intake/transition plans for diverse learners
  • Ensure teachers acknowledge receipt of updated copies of all 504, IEP and SpEd related BIPs
  • Case Manager Responsibilities:
    • Coordinate all IEP and 504 meetings with parents and related service providers
    • Maintain compliance of all IEP, 504 meetings and evaluations within IMPACT (CPS system)
    • Maintain scholar files per CPS/ISBE compliance standards
  • Coordinates with CPS District Rep for school visits, SPR, and overall program compliance
  • Oversee diverse learning progress monitoring and IEP legal collaboration requirements
  • Coordinate/facilitate weekly related service provider team meeting
  • Coordinate/facilitate weekly SpEd team meeting
  • Present PD related to Special Education policies and teacher requirements
  • Ensure student information system is up to date with all SpEd and medical caution flags
  • Communicate medical cautions to staff monthly
  • Manage/coordinate related service provider contracts in partnership with Director of Ops and Executive Director
  • Manage/oversee related service provider compliance/vendor relationships
  • Coordinate/schedule outside itinerant evaluations/supports
  • Manage/coordinate assistive technology
  • Observe diverse learners in classroom settings to ensure appropriate plans and supports occur


Very Competitive Salary
Full Benefit Package


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