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Director of Special Services

March 02, 2023

Kennebunk, ME


As Director of Special Services, you will deliver measurable results while serving  as the educational leader of the Special Services Department, responsible for articulating the department’s district-wide mission, vision, and educational goals to faculty, staff, families, students and the public. As the educational leader of the Department of Special Services, you will promote the Department’s initiatives and the development and sustainability of best practices as related to the effective implementation of Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), Section 504 Plans, Individual Language Acquisition Plans, and Gifted and Talented services within the framework of Board Policy and all legal guidelines. The Director of Special Services is responsible for coordinating alignment of materials and resources, instructional program evaluation, personnel management, department professional development,  staff scheduling, and effective fiscal management of the Department of Special Services. The Director of Special Services provides leadership to coordinate and supervise the effective delivery of Special Education services Gifted and Talented Services, MultiLingual Learner services , and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.


Love what you do, working at RSU 21 developing educational programs for teachers and students. Must have a Maine certification as Director of Special Education (030). Minimum of earned Master’s degree and at least five (5) years experience as a special educator and two (2) years of administrative experience. Evidence of strong skills in the following areas: budget/school finance, special education and school law, demonstrated interpersonal, collaboration and communication skills, community relations, curriculum and instruction,  educational philosophy and theory, leadership, organizational management, creativity in individualized program development, personnel management, staff development, and supervision and evaluation of personnel.

Key Competencies:

  • Visionary: You keep your eye firmly on the future; you maintain a big picture, high-altitude view to ensure you are assessing short-term realities to inform long-term needs; you look and plan ahead with imagination and wisdom; your vision dictates the direction a team or district will take

  • Commitment to management: You advocate for team members; you coach, share feedback and monitor work to ensure high quality performance; you ensure that people feel appreciated, and view mistakes as opportunities for learning; you model and inspire excellence

  • Strategic prioritization: You take action on what’s most important and prioritize wisely; you drive work forward with an urgency to see results; you think strategically about staff time and capacity 

  • Accountability: You hold yourself accountable for your staff’s success or struggles; you hold staff accountable for their success or struggles; your staff know where they stand in relation to your expectations

  • Subject expertise: You are seen as a leader in your field with notable knowledge and expertise; you stay abreast of all emerging trends in your field; you consider yourself a lifelong learner and maintain relationships with those you admire in your field in order to learn from them

  • Critical judgment and decision-making: You apply informed judgment to resolve difficult issues; you confront emerging challenges and recommend thoughtful, creative, and impactful solutions 

  • Communication skills: You communicate clearly and logically; you can articulate complex concepts and the rationale behind them with intention; you can obtain the information you need effectively

  • Problem-solving: You take a diligent, committed approach to addressing issues that require resolution; you identify and connect relevant stakeholders to solve the problem; you escalate issues appropriately as needed


Anna Martin
Phone: 207-985-1100
Fax: (207) 604-5990