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Speical Needs Teacher for 8 year old with Mild Autism - Silver Spring MD

July 25, 2022

Silver Spring, MD


Our family would like to hire a Part Time Elementary Teacher experienced in teaching high-functioning ASD children in the elementary grades. We would like to bring someone on from September 2022 through May 2023 for three hours per day to provide in-home instruction. If desired, we are open to starting instruction during August. Hourly rate is $50 / Monthly salary for a certified teacher in this position is $3400.


Our vision for our child’s education rests on kindness, gentleness and creativity while nurturing her strengths which include a strong working memory, burning curiosity for how things work, a talent for artistic expression and the desire to build practical things that make real her creations. Since our daughter came into our lives, we have met some wonderful people with open hearts and minds. We are interested in building a long-term relationship with educators who know first-hand the magic and love children like our daughter give us.

Background on Child’s Abilities:

Our daughter is able to engage in in-home instruction with her current teacher for 45 minute periods. At this point, she needs a short break and then can complete another 30-45 minutes of instruction. She is fully verbal, able to read at a mid-year first grade level and understands subtraction and addition to 20. She engages in back-and-forth conversation, can follow two-step instructions and is highly proficient at using an iPad for learning. She loves to dance, jump, flip and would fly if she could. Her challenge in attending a regular school has to do with anxiety, social skills and auditory processing disorder.

Family Background:

Mom is a lawyer who works in Georgetown, DC in k-12 Assessment and is a supporter of innovative methodologies to teach children on the spectrum. Using music, rhythm, movement and hands-on activities to convey concepts, and build reading and math fluency are all strategies that we have used successfully with our daughter. We regularly use videos to teach our daughter more abstract ideas like forgiveness (Anna yelled at Elsa but Elsa forgave her later) and Look at People’s Actions not Appearances (Beauty and the Beast). We are interested in building a long-term relationship with educators who have experienced the benefits of being with and teaching childre with autism.

Description of Instructional Materials:

We have been using Singapore Math, Words their Way, iexcel, Adapted Mind and Khan Academy as materials in homeschooling thus far and are open to incorporating other suitable materials. We are looking for the teacher to provide knowledge of additional materials that can support and engage ASD children. Knowledge of Orton-Gillingham and Marylyn Zucker’s Multi-Sensory Math are a strong plus. If this position sounds like something you would be interested we would love to meet you.


  • Provide daily instruction in the core academic subjects (Math, Reading) and maintain student work portfolios of all work completed

  • Provide consistent instruction twice a week in Science and Social Studies, Art, and Music

  • Adapt instruction to child’s ability to engage and understand the concept being taught

  • Include elements into lessons that the child enjoys and wants to engage with (music, dance, humor, puppets, other props);

  • Work into lessons components of social and emotional learning so child is practiced in following multi-step instruction first with and then without prompts; learns to regulate her emotions, learns to self-advocate; learns to identify her emotions…

  • Track, monitor, and assume responsibility for academic progress of students;

  • Analyze assessment data, and other data

  • Work with parents to create behavior plans for student, as needed;

  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with and regularly communicate Child’s progress towards goals and with families.


  • Teaching degree and certification required;

  • Special education certification required;

  • At least two years of teaching experience with High functioning ASD students preferred;

  • A desire to make a difference in the lives of Autistic students, families and community;

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to communicate effectively with students and families.


We require vaccination against COVID-19 including a booster dose. Everyone in our household including both children have received a two-dose vaccination and booster.


We are offering $50/ hour for candidates with required teaching experience.


Please contact Mom (Bani Schmieder) at 202-550-9644 via text.