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Middle School and High School Special Needs Teacher at the Ango-American School of Sofia

October 25, 2021

Sofia, Bulgaria
Classroom Instructor and Team Teacher


The services to be provided by the Teacher shall include, but are not limited to the following :

  • Provide direct student support through small groups and one-on-one instruction within the learning strategies classroom.

  • Provide integrated co-teaching services in core curriculum through collaboration with subject specialists.

  • Provide highly specialized, self contained classes designed to support students who may be performing 4-5 grades levels below the expected level of performance.

  • Work with teachers and counselors to write and implement goal-driven IEPs (Individualized Education Plans), and coordinate annual IEP review processes for all students identified within the MS/HS.

  • Support teachers in differentiating plans for students based on their unique learning profiles so that all students are engaged, supported and prepared.

  • Collaborate with teachers to develop effective whole group practices, small group interventions, and individualized learning activities that support learning goals.

  • A member of the Student Support Team (SST) who together work towards supporting the social, emotional, behavioral, academic and physiological needs of all students in the MS/HS.

  • Be able to observe, assess or work with outside service providers to provide interventions and track student progress.

  • Provide instruction in assigned classes in accordance with the terms of the Contract and with the administrative practices established by the Director.

  • Make recommendations to the Director regarding the improvement of instruction.

  • Be in attendance at school on regular school days during the hours established by the Director.

  • Attend any and all meetings with other staff members, students and/or parents as required by the Director with respect to his/her teaching contract.

  • Perform other professional duties as defined and required by the Director with respect to his/her capacity of International Faculty.

  • Comply with and support all Board policies as currently detailed in the “School Board Policy Manual”.

  • Be strong role models and promote a positive and professional image for the school in the greater community.


  • Degree, Master’s (Education, Educational Therapy or the equivalent in a related field with emphasis in specific instruction or curriculum development relevant to the field of learning support).

  • Teaching and online experience valued.

  • Team teaching and self-contained classroom experience preferred. 

  • Teachers must be fully credentialed or certified for their respective assignments with two or more years of successful teaching experience.

  • Operational knowledge of the Internet and related technologies.

  • Possesses strong oral and written communication skills.

  • Works independently with little direct supervision.

  • Works as a part of a team.

  • Accepts responsibility and is self – motivated.

  • Demonstrates strong work ethic to achieve academic goals.

  • Displays effective multi – tasking and time management skills.

  • Related experience / training to the position.

  • Awareness of the diversity of social, cultural and language needs of children and their communities.

  • Knowledge of current principles, practices, techniques and objectives of instructional methods.

  • Can relate well to different groups of students of different ages and ability levels.


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Joseph Gorski
Director of Student Support Services
Anglo-American School of Sofia

1 Siyanie Str, 1137 Sofia, Bulgaria
tel: +359 2 923 88 10, ext. 179