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Devices or Divisive: Mobile Technology in the Classroom

April 29, 2015

Little is known about how new mobile technologies affect students' development of non-cognitive skills such as empathy, self-control, problem solving, and teamwork. Two Boston College researchers say it's time to find out. Boston College Lynch School of Education Assistant Professor Vincent Cho and BC Graduate Research Assistant Joshua Littenberg-Tobias present a new survey measuring teachers' perspectives on these issues today at the American Educational Research Association annual meeting session "Examining the Potential of Mobile Technology." "Schools see digital devices -- smart phones, tablets and laptops -- as a way to propel innovation, but we haven't effectively asked teachers about the impact of these technologies on students' social, emotional and personal development," said Cho. "Furthermore, teacher attitudes are crucial to the success of high-tech initiatives. Teachers are the people who will revolutionize schools. Technology is just a starting point. We should know what teachers think." To read more,click here

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