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Designer Focuses On Interiors For Those With Autism

December 18, 2014

A.J. Paron-Wildes' home, a walk-out rambler in suburban Oak Park Heights, Minn., is a study in calm - all clean, uncluttered spaces and earthy, neutral hues that echo the autumn leaves framing the view of the St. Croix River. On an autumn afternoon, daughter Eva, 6, is having an after-school snack, while son Devin, 19, sketches intently, seated at the studio desk in his orderly bedroom. This peaceful environment is entirely by design. When you have a child child with autism, calm is a precious commodity - and Paron-Wildes has become an expert at creating it, starting in her own home. That journey started 16 years ago when Devin was diagnosed with autism at age 3. "It was very traumatic," Paron-Wildes recalled. To read more, click here

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