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Walgreen, Others Actively Recruit Individuals with Disabilities to Broaden Diversity, Gain Loyalty

July 23, 2013

Angela Mackey says she struggled to land a job, even with a master's degree earned with top grades, as employers focused on her cerebral palsy instead of her qualifications. So Mackey, 37, who once sent out 250 resumes without success, regards her current job as a personal triumph. She holds a managerial position at Walgreen Co.'s Anderson, S.C., distribution center, hiring and performing human resource work for the 500-employee workplace. "Growing up having a disability, I was not an athlete, I never was a beauty queen, the playing field was not equal," said Mackey, who landed her role in 2006. "Working at Walgreen's lets me show what I can accomplish. I am not just a woman with cerebral palsy." To read more, click here

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