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'Hackathon' Yields Review Site For Autism-Friendly Businesses

May 16, 2013

People with disabilities and their families have long relied on word-of-mouth to find disability-friendly community businesses, but that recommendation system has been given a new twist after a "hackathon" sponsored by AT&T in partnership with the advocacy group Autism Speaks. Ryan Stevens, 25, and Cyrus Stoller, 24, both living in San Francisco, won $10,000 for creatingRevTilt, a review site that allows users to suggest businesses that accommodate people with autism. For example, a Chinese food restaurant gets high marks for always having the same order ready to go for a patron. A hair salon was praised for gently easing a five-year-old through a haircut. The hairdresser "showed him the razor and put the trimmer side against her hand. He did not flinch or anything! It went quick! I think it was the owner, he was walking around and offered water. Everyone was just so nice," the reviewer wrote. To read more, click here

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