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'Day Of The Special Educator' Recognized In California

December 10, 2009

Special educators throughout the state of California were honored on December 3, 2009, as districts around the state celebrated the Day of the Special Educator.   CARS+, the California Organization for Special Educators, sponsored the day along with support from the California School Board Association (CSBA), California Teachers Association (CTA), Family Empowerment Centers, Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), and the newly formed Special Education Collaborative.

On December 2, 1975, President Gerald Ford signed Public Law 94-142 which ensured a free appropriate public education (FAPE) to all students with disabilities.  Not wanting to detract from the students for who this law was written, CARS+ chose December 3rd as the day to honor those educators who advocate for the rights and services that special needs students need and to make sure that they have access to FAPE.

Marci Marino, a parent of a student with disabilities, commented "without the dedication of my son's special education teacher, he would not be able to succeed in school.  All special educators deserve to be honored for the important work they do."  This sentiment was echoed throughout the state. Activities were held at local and regional levels to celebrate the work that is done by dedicated special educators who deliver more than just curriculum to the students on their caseloads.

CARS+, and other special education advocates in California, are hoping that the Day of the Special Educator will occur every year and in every state.

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