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Federal Report Paints Grim Picture Of Restraint Techniques In Schools

May 21, 2009

230-pound Texas teacher forces a boy face down and lies on top of him, killing him, after he refused to stay seated in class. Weeks after threatening suicide, a 13-year-old boy with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder hangs himself in a seclusion room using a cord a teacher reportedly gave him to hold up his pants. An assistant principal and staff at a Michigan public school failed to offer medical help for an autistic student's seizure, instead placing him in a prone restraint for an hour. He died, but no criminal charges were filed. The assistant principal now heads another school in the district. They are among hundreds of confirmed cases and allegations that the Government Accountability Office unearthed in a report Tuesday that paints a grim picture of how school officials have misused techniques to restrain or seclude disruptive students - most of them with disabilities. To read more, click here

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