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The Condition of Education 2006

July 10, 2006

Efforts to monitor the progress of U.S. education and respond to its opportunities and challenges depend on reliable, accurate, and timely data. To provide such data, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) each year submits to Congress the mandated report, The Condition of Education. This year’s report presents indicators of important developments and trends in American education. Recurrent themes underscored by the indicators include participation and persistence in education, student performance and other outcomes, the environment for learning, and resources for education. In addition, this year’s volume contains a special analysis that presents key findings of several recent international assessments that examine the achievement of U.S. students in reading, mathematics, and science and the literacy of adults relative to the performance of their peers in other countries. This analysis is particularly timely given the concern for the competitiveness of the United States.
The current state of American education shows both promises and challenges. Progress on national assessments in reading and science achievement is uneven or static, while mathematics performance has risen. International assessments of students’ and adults’ performance in reading, mathematics, and science also present a mixed picture: 4th-graders’ math and science scores are static or losing ground relative to students in other countries, while 8th-graders’ scores show improvement. Certain family risk factors, such as poverty or the language spoken in the home, present challenges to students’ educational progress and achievement. The indicators in this report underscore the importance of schooling for individuals and society, from early childhood reading to continuing adult education.
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