Outstanding Graduate Student Performance Award Recipients

2005 - 2006 Outstanding Graduate Student Performance Award Winners

NASET congratulates all of the winners. These students have been voted by their professors as the outstanding graduate students in their respective schools of special education. We are privileged to honor these future leaders who we know will contribute a great deal to the field and be a supportive influence on all students with special needs.

2005-2006 Winners:

  • Laura J. Andrews  - University of Maryland Eastern Shore
  • Erin Bain - Slippery Rock University
  • Mary Bialozor - Slippery Rock University
  • James Birtalan - Slippery Rock University
  • Jody Bouchard - University of Wisconsin
  • Ivy Branch - Coppin State University
  • Jessica Cutone - Assumption College
  • Kathy Elliott - West Virginia University
  • Jason Fruth - Wright State University
  • Peggie Gaul - The College of William & Mary
  • Bethany Hampel - Wright State University
  • Blair Harris - The College of William & Mary
  • Marie Harris - Coppin State University
  • Amy M. Heger  -University of Maryland Eastern Shore
  • Molly Henrickson  - University of Wisconsin
  • Becky Laben - The College of William & Mary
  • Marjorie Landwehr-Brown - Wichita State University
  • Leland F. McGuckin - University of Maryland Eastern Shore
  • Sarah Michlig - University of Wisconsin, La Crosse
  • Barbara Montgomery - Wichita State University
  • Jeffry Nylander - University of Wisconsin, La Crosse
  • Laura Peterson - Assumption College
  • Marie Porteus - Assumption College
  • Julianne Priser - Wright State University
  • Kara Samarj - West Virginia University
  • Alfred Simmons - Coppin State University
  • Wendy Smith - University of Wisconsin
  • Marcia Williamson - Wichita State University
  • Laurie Ziliak - West Virginia University

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2004 - 2005 Outstanding Graduate Student Performance Award Winners

The 2004-2005 Winners:

  • Elizabeth  Baranello  Daemen College
  • Kandice  Bennett  Bemidji State University
  • Tracy   Bergstrom  Bemidji State University
  • Marilyn  Bernath  Northern Illinois University
  • Roger   Budd   Long Island University
  • Claudia  Castillo De Leon Bob Jones University
  • Jenny   Childers  Ohio University
  • Jane   Chiou   Texas Woman's University
  • Melissa   Chorley  East Stroudsburg University
  • Christy   Coloutti  Castleton State College
  • Kimberly  Condel   East Stroudsburg University
  • Julie   Davis   Texas Woman's University
  • Renee Danielle Dawson  Long Island University - Rockland Graduate Campus
  • Susan   DeAngelis  Long Island University
  • Rajamah  Drake   Indiana State University
  • Melissa  Duncan  Indiana State University
  • Shannon  Fadel   State Univeristy of New York - Brockport
  • Griselda  Galindo-Vargas Texas Woman's University
  • Marcis   Hawks   Daemen College
  • Lori   Holmes  Ohio University
  • Jenifer Joy  House   Illinois State University
  • Katherine Emily Jackson  Radford University
  • Gretchen  Kapperman  Northern Illinois University
  • Scott   Karli   Northern Illinois University
  • Krista   King   University of Maryland Eastern Shore
  • Gail   Kleinschmidt  Bemidji State University
  • Karen   Koehler  University of Wisconsin
  • Bonnie   Lenihan  Castleton State College
  • Jadwiga  Lon   Centenary College
  • Michelle  Lynn Domblesky Bob Jones University
  • Marie J.  Lysandrou  Long Island University-Rockland Campus
  • Amy   Mallaber  State Univeristy of New York - Brockport
  • Amanda  Manjone  East Stroudsburg University
  • Jay   Meierotto  University of Wisconsin
  • Angela   Nellis   Indiana State University
  • Alison   Padgett   Assumption College
  • Jennifer  Pecararo  Northern Illinois University
  • Deanna Lynn  Perkins  Illinois State University
  • Laura   Piazza   Daemen College
  • Linda   Prackup-Desautels Assumption College
  • Eileen   Saladino  Long Island University
  • Chris   Sedic-Lawton  Saint Michael's College
  • Kristi   Soule   Saint Michael's College
  • Tamara Dawn  Sutphin  Radford University
  • Sherri   Venhousen  Northern Illinois University
  • Jennifer Phillips Webster  Radford University
  • Johellen  Weddle George Bob Jones University
  • Josephine T.  Weiss   Long Island University - Rockland Campus
  • Jeffrey   Williams  Northern Illinois University
  • Catherine  Wilson   University of Maryland Eastern Shore
  • Brian William  Wojcik   Illinois State University

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