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Chief Program Officer

St. Louis, MO

Job Category: Non-Profit Program Management

Posted on August 21, 2017


FORWARD OUR MISSION (Executive Leadership): Serve as a key member of the Executive Team and partner closely with the Executive Director and CEO to further mission-specific and core competency goals. Interface with the Board of Directors in matters related to program operations. Participate in strategic planning and provide guidance necessary to assist the organization in setting vision, determining direction and implementing strategy.

LEAD AN INNOVATIVE TEAM (Team Management): Provide oversight for a team of employees and directly manage our Program Director. Direct the full lifecycle of staff development including recruitment, hiring, training, managing, motivating, and terminating as appropriate. Provide supervision and ongoing guidance to our Program Director. Develop a culture that promotes employee engagement, teamwork and accountability, and, coach and enable program staff to effectively and productively interact with other departments.

ENSURE EXCEPTIONAL PROGRAMMING (Program Development & Delivery): Provide leadership and vision for the creation, design, promotion, delivery, and quality of Variety's programs and services. Collaborate with Variety's Des Lee Endowed Professor and engage independent consultants as necessary to identify gaps in service and to resolve unmet programming needs.

STEWARD OUR ASSETS (Fiscal Responsibility): Oversee the development and execution of all program budgets with profit and loss accountability. Ensure programs meet the objectives of Variety's strategic plan. Make recommendations to ensure effective and efficient service delivery processes for current activities and activities related to projected growth.

MEASURE OUR SUCCESS (Outcome-Based Impact & Quality): Develop and implement program assessments that measure and validate established outcomes and goals for children with disabilities in core competency areas, including skill development, self-esteem, socialization and independence. Develop continuous improvement initiatives to identify program strengths, challenges, and, ROI based on measurable impact and revenue deployed. Ensure all operations are carried out in compliance with the organization's policies and procedures, including applicable regulations and standards. Develop policies and procedures to assure compliance.

ENGAGE OUR COMMUNITIES (Community Relations): Proactively seek opportunities to participate in committees, workgroups and task forces that will enhance our reputation and expand our recognition in the communities in which we serve to further our reputation as a leader in empowering children with disabilities. Advocate for our children by informing community groups, congregations, and others about Variety's services and how we foster core competencies for children.

SERVE OUR CONSTITUENTS (Client Care & Service): The Chief Program Officer will believe in the organization's mission and that quality client service is of top priority. Respect for the clients, employees, Board members, and all other constituents, coupled with professional and ethical behavior is expected at all times.


  • Minimum of 10+ years of experience in a social service, healthcare, and/or clinical environment, including a minimum of 5+ years senior management experience.
  • In-depth knowledge, clinical foundation, and/or prior administrative experience in therapeutic recreation and education is strongly desired.
  • Non-profit experience (working within or voluntary leadership) and familiarity in supporting a Board of Directors a plus.
  • Familiarity with 3rd party insurance reimbursement systems and/or prior hospital experience also strongly desired.
  • 4-year degree is required – graduate degree in business and/or related field is strongly preferred (M.B.A., M.Ed, M.S., M.S.W., or M.A.).


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